Lila Lunes: 5 months and 1 week

11/30/2009 12:08:00 AM
Giving her bottle the stare-down.

Lila’s feeling better. Whew. The cold, we believe, has left the building. (i.e. Lila’s body.)

That was tough, I'll tell you. Coughing, sleepless nights, vomiting, more coughing... yikes.

The CUPdate for this week:

So yeah, I remember hearing my Mom friends tell me before I had Lila that they knew what their baby needed just by hearing and discerning their baby’s cry.

I thought these people were nuts.

Then, after I had Lila, and heard her cries, I really thought these people were nuts. I had no idea what her cries meant. In all honesty, though - for the first 8 weeks or so I felt like I was just babysitting someone else's kid.

I’m proud to say, 5 months and one week later, I can TOTALLY discern Lila’s sleepy cry from her hungry cry, her sad cry from her, “I’m-about-to-lose-it” cry. It took some time, but I’d like to offer a hearty apology to all of you moms-before-me who I thought were crazy when you mentioned those whole, “baby-whispering-understanding-the-cry” thing.

Q. So how are things?
A. Lila’s feeling better, we’re leaving the house more and most importantly, Lila got to wear her new gold sparkly shoes from Aunt T. to Thanksgiving.

Confession: The shoes are a little too big, but I really wanted her to wear them.

Q. What's Lila up to these days? How does she fill her time?
A. Well, in no particular order, this is what she does. She:
  • Sleeps/naps
  • Sings
  • Sucks on/plays with her feet
  • Sticks out her tongue
  • Plays with books
  • Jumps
  • Eats
Then starts all of that over.

Q. So, is Lila more like me or more like Craig?
A. Physically, I think she’s very similar to C., although at times I do see myself in her. (Like when she makes her monkey face.)

Personality-wise, I’m thinking our Cupcake may be following in Mommy’s ADD footsteps. Lila is physically unable to sit still. Her feet are moving, her legs are moving, her hands are moving… all.the.time.

I am the exact same way. If you know me, you’ll vouch for that. I’m physically incapable of not doing at least two things at all times. (Yes, even when we’re having a conversation, you’ll notice that I’m crafting a small ball out of paper with my two fingers, or I’m tapping a pen on my leg, or I’m wiggling my feet. It’s an illness.)

Also, Lila is either smiling or screaming. Ask my husband, I believe we may be cut from the same cloth.

Screaming after a bath.

Lila seems to have unruly hair, as well. Ah yes, this may come from me, too.

Really, it’s been pretty awesome to see her little personality develop. It’s enlightening and terrifying all at the same time.

*Note: We’re fearful at this time that Lila won’t crawl. Nope, we’ve basically come to the conclusion that we’re going to get her out of her crib one morning, put her down, and bam! She’ll run away from us. People actually say, "Wow... she doesn't sit still, does she?" Um. Nope.

Random Stuff

Lila loves her Daddy. If she hears his voice, she stops whatever she's doing and stares at him. Sometimes when I'm feeding her, I have to leave the room so she doesn't hear Craig. Otherwise, she can't concentrate. :) She, I'm happy to report, is a Daddy's girl.

Wearing her Reindeer hat from my Mom. Yes, in 80 degree Cabo weather. (It was chilly Sunday afternoon!)

Lila's Flash Dance look
(My absolute favorite picture of the week.)

Hanging out on the patio.

The girl cousins in their PJ's on Thanksgiving. Bella is currently wearing the bunny ears.

Then it was Lila's turn... Ha!

Helping out with Thanksgiving cooking earlier in the day.

My precious sweetie pie.

Take care, everyone.

kb & lb

(I'd like to apologize for the whacked out formatting of this post. I wrote in in Word and pasted it in blogger and it's been unruly and annoying. I don't feel like fixing it.)


  1. Cute as ever...hope you had a very Happy Thanksgiving!

    Love her "Fame" look...haha

  2. OK, the look on Lila's face when she's wearing the bunny ears is absolutely PRICEless. Hands down my favorite photo (although the Flashdance is, indeed, a close second).

  3. I like that Lila's shoes were too big and the fact that you used the word UNRULY twice in this post.

  4. She is one busy little girl! I am glad to see she is developing many different interests at such a young age :) And I agree, that bunny ears picture is priceless!!

    Oh and those shoes are pretty great

  5. I love looking at your pictures! Hugs to you.



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