In regards to, "It's not plural (or possessive)"

11/04/2009 12:05:00 AM

Iris Took got me thinking after her recent post...

The word, "email"...

Should it ever be plural?

Queston in point:

"I have a boatload of email to go through."


"Can you forward me all of the emails she's sent you over the past week?"


I tend to think not. When you receive paper mail, and a lot at that, you don't say, "Whoa... my box was FILLED TO THE BRIM with mails today."

So - that said. Stop making, "email" plural. You know who you are.

It kills me.

Besides, I think we should go back to calling email "electronic mail" and a FAX a "facsimile."

Ah, when life was simpler...


  1. Hmm. I agree with you. "Mail" and "e-mail" should never be pluralized with an "s," and you can say (obviously) "letters" and "e-mail messages" if you really wanted/needed to make the distinction between one message or many.

    Thoughts on "email" without the hyphen? This one gets me because I was taught to ALWAYS use the hyphen during my AP Style training days, but it seems to be the most common spelling now.

  2. E-mail vs. email - good question.

    This bugs me too - what about CDs vs. CD's. I have read that both are acceptable when it is an acronym, but come ON - I hate seeing that damn apostrophe and I refuse to use it.

  3. I should never have an "s" on it


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