Flippin' Ferg

11/06/2009 12:06:00 AM
Before Lila joined this family we NEVER fed Ferg anything other than dog food or the occasional snack when she did something outstanding... like sit.

Then, Lila was born and we were merely existing in a sleep-deprived, catatonic state struggling with taking care of the newborn, let alone ourselves and, well... Ferg.

Hence Ferg's current propensity for scrambled eggs.

We started feeding Ferg table scraps (good for her stuff!) after The Cupcake was born because, well... we felt guilty. And, nothing quells guilt better than food.

So, yesterday morning I gave Ferg some of our leftover scrambled eggs. Note, they had red pepper, green pepper, onion, sausage and tomato in them. On a good morning, I normally pick out (yes, I do) EVERYTHING but the sausage and eggs and give them to Ferg.

This particular morning I just didn't feel like it. She's a dog, right? EAT it. Beggars can't be choosers.

Actually, they can.

Ferg showed me yet again that she doesn't like green peppers, red peppers, tomatoes or onions.

Flippin' Ferg.

Yes, that would be the Ferginator proudly standing amongst her discarded vegetables.

Ferg, if you had hands, I'd make you clean up your mess.
I totally love picking up soggy, wet, unwanted dog veggies.

She's smiling.
"I hate vegetables. Duh."

That Ferg.

(That Ferg needs a haircut. I know.)


  1. i love that one of her bowls is a princess bowl. ;)

    and i'm w/ Ferg: no green peppers, red peppers or onions!

  2. Oh man, that's hilarious. How the heck can dogs discard those tiny veggies with their tongues?! Amazing Ferg. And I love that she smiled afterwards.

    Ferg's blog today reads "Yes, you too can have your owners under your secret powers...." :)

  3. haha! Dogs, man. And how is it that they can always pick a pill out of a big dish of food and spit it out? Those crafty bastards.

  4. Murray is a master at this. We'll pour gravy over their food, and he'll get the food in his mouth, suck the gravy off and then pt-tooey the food onto the floor. He knows what he wants.

  5. Ferg is a crafty one, one of my old pups did the same thing with peas. They are amazing creatures.
    Ferg Fridays rule!

  6. You might have a fat Ferg on your hands once Lila is big enough to feed her. That's why I have a big fat Zoe.

  7. That Ferg! She has a discerning palette, what do you expect?!?

  8. How funny! Our dog used to do that will any type of pill we tried to give her. Gosh, I love dogs.

  9. BAAAHAHAHA! Hilarious.

    Tucker is not this smart. Or, he's just really hungry.

  10. Smart dog! She knows the onions can be toxic, especially to a little one. :)

    My nearly 17-year old dog, Benny, picks out carrots and peas. Hey man, you can do whatever you want when you're that old!


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