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In honor of today: Lila's 5 months old day!

11/21/2009 12:05:00 AM
In honor of Lila's 5-months of life, I thought I'd pull together a list of baby things that I currently love/couldn't live without.

1. Carter's Keep-Me-Dry 3-pack Flannel Lap Pads
Available at Kohl's here for $8.00 - on sale for $6.00 right now. (They're also available in Babies R Us stores, not online, though.)I got a pack of these from a friend before Lila was born and literally had no idea what I would use these for. Well, we place them on Lila's changing table on top of the changing pad cover and if she has an accident, or a messy diaper, we merely toss the lap pad into the laundry - the changing pad is still dry and clean. I have about 12 of these things and I love them. They come in several different patterns. See here.

2. A Bumbo Seat.
Available here for about $40.00

Ok, so not the cheapest baby seat out there, but it's awesome. We literally use this seat Lila loves sitting up. Plus, it has a detachable tray (I think it's about $10.00) that's fantastic, too. It gives fabulous back support, and you can literally sit your child anywhere. We couldn't live without this thing. It's awesome indoors and out, too. In my opinion, it's a fantastic alternative to a bouncy seat. If you have a get-up-and-go kind of kid (like I think we do), they're not so big into chilling and laying down. Instead, they want to be up, up and up IN the mix.

3. Carter's Bibs. - $9.00.
Available here.

Lila, bless her heart, has been a spitter/drooler since she was about 2 months old. She wears multiple bibs all day long. These ones are thick enough to not let the wetness soak through, they wash up well, AND they velcro on the SIDE, not behind her head.

Why does this matter?

Because if a baby falls asleep and you want to take the bib off the kid so as to prevent accidental strangulation/suffocation, all the while using just one arm or one hand, it's easier to just un-velcro from the side and slide off the bib. As opposed to un-velcroing or un-snapping from behind the head.

Hey man - I don't know, it's just easier.

4. BOB Revolution Stroller.
Available here.

I've written about this thing before, but I must tell you, it's amazing. I can literally walk/run ANY surface without annoying squeaking or anything. I can push this thing with my pinky, it's that easy. I ADORE this stroller. We use it everyday; sometimes twice a day. And, it will fit her until she's 70 lbs. This means, if she follows my growth pattern, The Cupcake will be able to use this stroller until she's roughly 11 years old. (It fits perfectly with the Chicco Keyfit infant seat, with the adapter.)

5. Good Night, Sleep Tight: The Sleep Lady's Gentle Guide to Helping Your Child Go to Sleep, Stay Asleep and wake up happy.
Available on Amazon for as low as $10.76.
(I have the 2006 version, a 2009 version is available for pre-order now.)

I got this book from a friend before I had Lila and I really have appreciated it.
The reason I liked this books over all the other sleep books is because the Sleep Lady just seemed less clinical and more human, and she's a mommy.

The others were so cut and dry and somewhat alarmist. "If you don't do it this way, then THIS will happen, then you'll be up a creek with no paddle and your child will never sleep and grow up to be a serial killer."

No pressure there.

Granted, I didn't/don't utilize or integrate EVERY idea that the sleep lady has, but the book was/is useful for me for the following reasons:

1.) It educated me as to what, "drowsy-but-awake" was. Um, learning that has been key. (You want to put a baby down, drowsy, but awake. When they're past that point, all hell breaks loose.

2.) The book was really helpful, especially in the beginning, in teaching me how much sleeping and eating was NORMAL for a baby. I had no idea if The Cupcake was sleeping too much, or too little, eating too much or too little.

3.) I love how in the beginning of this book she tells you to ENJOY the baby. Ignore the idea of a routine.

4.) I also love that she calls it a, "routine," not a schedule. You don't ever deny the baby a feeding because it's "not time yet." Instead, you just go with the flow and develop a routine. I love that.

5.) I really have enjoyed the developmental education that the book has provided. I had NO idea when I first became a mommy that newborns actually do not know HOW to fall asleep in the beginning. HUH? What? Bugs know how to fall asleep, right?

6.) I also enjoyed the routines that she illustrates in her book. It sort of backs up the decisions we're making for Lila. I remember reading early on (when Lila was about 12 weeks old or so...) that babies shouldn't stay awake for longer than 2 hrs. (at a certain age) between feedings, or else...they...might...lose it... Well, we learned that with Lila. She'd become over-stimulated and we were out of luck. We learned, via this book, that we need to put her down and make things CALM.

7.) I love the dream feed idea. We use it and it works. We wake Lila up around 11 p.m. every night for a, "dream feed" and then she sleeps until 6 or 7 a.m. It's the most precious feeding of the day/night and we actually take turns with it because it's so sweet. She just smiles and smiles and smiles...

I could go on and on. Have I instituted everything in this book? Absolutely not. But again, it's given me a framework to work within. I don't feel TIED to my child in that we MUST nap EVERY DAY at 1:30 p.m. like some parents feel who read other books.

I just like her approach. She says that obviously, babies ARE going to cry. It's part of the deal. However, she doesn't believe in the crying it out for hours deal. (I just can't handle that.)

So, all that said - it's not my "bible," I just really connected with it.

*Note: I don't get compensated for any of my suggestions. However, make no mistake about it, I'd like to be.


  1. Oh gosh, i read EVERY sleep book out there for my 1st. I was a freaking nightmare.... I screwed myself by rocking her to sleep for months. With my 2nd, no way.... and he's been a dream sleeper!

    Never knew what to do w/ those "lap pads". Here I've had them through 2 babies.... guess I'll know what to do w/ them (if I still own them) for the 3rd!!!!

  2. Oh wait. AND this is my pregnancy brain speaking. When I skimmed over the book picture and briefly saw the author, I thought it said "Kanye West" and had to do a double take.

    Oh man, I'm becoming sooooooo dumb.

  3. Happy 5 month birthday Lila!!!

    Can I just say this. I am so glad you and many other friends (and bloggers) have kids because when T & I have kids we will have a good idea of what things to buy and what not to buy and all those little tricks you all are figuring out!

  4. i am definitely thinking we need one of those bumbo seats. i was so against it because they are SO hideous i can't wrap my brain around it. but i think jude might really like one! he is starting to get mad when i put him down semi-reclined in the bouncer, like Lila.


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