This spending freeze is KILLING me.

10/09/2009 09:34:00 AM
Symphony in Hue

Imperial Toile

So I love Vera stuff. Always have. Have you seen the new fabrics?

It's no secret to those who know me well that I ADORE orange.

I recently replaced my old orange laptop carrying case with a FANTASTIC Vera Bradley computer bag. (Thanks to my MIL! 'Twas my birthday gift.) I loving going to work because I like carrying it. (I'm a nerd.)

It's cupcake green and (I actually saw my friend Patt's bag and I coveted it.)

So I get the weekly email from Vera Bradley and look what they have! ORANGE! They call it, "paprika" and I am

(Yep. The all-caps is necessary in this situation.)

Check out the other new fabrics here.


  1. You HAVE TO BUY it!!! In person it's even MORE gorgeous!!! It's amazing that the print ad doesn't do it justice!! Seriously....break the freeze- NOW!!! (I won't tell...)

  2. How long is this freeze to continue? I'm thinking 5 more minutes.... :)

  3. orange is YOUR color!! just think, maybe when the spending freeze is over, they'll be having a sale?!?
    LOVE their new stuff.

  4. You know you're not doing the global economy any help with this selfish spending freeze.

    I have never owned Vera but that Imperial Toile is a looker...

  5. I covet the Symphony in Hue pattern! But, I, too, must avoid purchasing VERA at this time. Hmm, maybe it will go on sale, soon!?! I can only hope!

  6. just put things in your shopping cart. It FEELS LIKE shopping....that's what I do. And the bonus is while they wait there, like layaway, they might go on sale so you can get it when your freeze ends.

    Pottery Barn is currently holding 43 items for me. I feel cleansed.

    Having said's VERY HARD to argue with Nadja's (AthenaBee) comment. How to grow the economy and contribute positively. Via Vera Bradley, OF COURSE.

  7. I'm pretty sure an Imperial Toile diaper bag will be the first thing my baby requests. Who am I to deny my child of things she wants?


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