There are exactly THREE things that I'm particular about.

10/27/2009 12:05:00 AM
I am the least obsessive person I know.

I don't have rituals for anything. (I wish I did, actually. I might more effectively shave BOTH of my legs, as opposed to getting out of the shower with one smooth leg and one not-so-smooth leg.) Routine is a struggle for me.


There are three things that are a MUST in my life (Insofar as anything can be a must for me.):

1. I find it insurmountably difficult to fall asleep at night if I know that my kitchen is dirty.

Dishes need to be washed.
Counters need to be anti-bacterial-ed.
Dish towel needs to be folded.
Sink needs to be clean.


2. I must have clean bed sheets. Those sheets MUST be perfectly placed on the bed. Tight, hospital corners. And, the bed must be made everyday.

3. I must have a dessert following each dinner. I can't explain it. It's just necessary.

That's all. Everything else is pretty much kosher with me all the time.

What do you obsess over?


  1. Funny, I have that same magnet on my fridge! ha!

    I'm with you on the bed/sheets thing. I don't have to have it made everyday, even though we do it... I just need the sheet to be tucked in and straight each night before bed. If they aren't I get out of bed to fix them. It's really annoying to me.

    Aside from that, I have to have doors and cabinets shut. Like the pantry door or the coat closet. If they are left cracked it drives me crazy. Oh and said for the laundry room door. Must be shut. Even though it's a pass through to our garage, I still want it shut.

    Other things are, the t.v./electrical items. If you aren't in a room, don't leave these things on. No one is using them and you are clearly not coming back to it so just turn it off.

    Water spots on the sink, paper towels on the sink (that were used for washing dishes or resting a spoon that are now just airing out), a dirty spoon rest, rugs not lining up with the door way, a runner that's crooked, dust on the coffee table, toliet seat that is left up, spots on the faucet, food or drinks on the island, etc...

    I'm a little more aware of the things that I'm crazy about now that I have in-laws living with me. I haven't said that out loud on my blog, but read about it here... if you'd like:

    Even with them not in my house, I realize that I'm a little nutty about certain things... I'm okay with it though.

  2. I don't think there's enough room in this little box to answer your question. I obsess over everything. Not like 'will this happen' or 'will that happen' or 'what ifs' but physical things, like the remote control HAS to be on its charger when it's not being used. EVERYTHING has to be at 90-degree angles on my desk, tables, countertops, etc. All drawers and cabinets MUST be closed. Literally EVERY time I get in the car, I have to check under (above?) the visor and in the center console and in the compartments under the radio. Not sure why, there's never anything in them, I just HAVE to do it. Also, the piano bench in our dining room HAS to be centered under the keyboard and our dining room chairs have to be EXACTLY three floor boards from the legs of the table. (I sound like a loony bird, don't I?)

    There have been times that these obsessions so affected my life (and the lives of those around me) that I thought I had obsessive-compulsive disorder. I even took a test, which concluded that I'm just ridiculously anal retentive.

    I think I've gotten better now that I have a baby at home. When I'm thinking about him, I don't count steps, which is a good thing.

  3. P.S. Don't even get me started on grammar and punctuation. I have the AP Stylebook memorized, which, oddly enough, people don't find impressive.

    So, the number 2 in the title of this post and your list of 3 is making me itch! ;-)

  4. Amber - I changed it! I'll tell you the story behind the blog title and differing content:

    I pre-wrote this post several days ago. At that time, I had forgotten about the necessity for dessert after each meal. SO... I edited the content of the post and neglected to update the title.

    This morning I woke up and fed Lila and checked my blog on my blackberry and I saw the incorrect post title and honestly had a moral dilemma about whether I should start up my computer BEFORE I take Lila for a walk JUST to edit it.

    Lila won. She got her walk. And now, a mere 40 minutes after returning home I'm EDITING THAT POST TITLE that has been driving ME CRAZY, too! :)

    Great minds...

    (I'm impressed about your memorization of the AP Stylebook.)

  5. Ha, your title was driving me batty too. I thought I was reading it wrong at first. ;)

    I can't stand when keys are placed on the kitchen counter, or anywhere other than the designated shelf by the back door.

    My kitchen has to be clean at.all.times. If I'm cooking/baking, I clean up after each step. For example, if I'm baking and I put flour in the bowl, I have to put the flour away and clean up any mess it made on the counter before I move on to the next ingredient. (Yes, I know I'm crazy....but it drives me insane to have messy counters.)

    I also have to have all doors closed in our house. EXCEPT the pantry door. We go in and out of it so often (garbage is in there), so it drives me crazy if it's closed. I hate hearing it open and close every 10 minutes. I like it cracked. ;)

    I could go on and on....

  6. SassyTimes, I cook exactly the same way. The kitchen is typically cleaner after I'm done cooking than it was when I started. In contrast to my husband, who makes the BIGGEST MESS KNOWN TO MAN and then JUST LEAVES IT THERE when he cooks (not that he just did that last night or anything -- grrr).

    I can't stand it if I see anything that's creased or bent or doubled over or smooshed (think throw pillows, clothes in the closet, curtains, book pages, etc.) and even if I'm running late, I absolutely have to go back and fix it or it'll bother me all day.

    I share Ky's obsession with dessert -- although it just has to be something sweetish, really (a piece of gum is working for me right now).

    And OMG -- I am so in the same boat with AP Style. After all these years as a reporter/editor/writer, it is ingrained in there, and I cannot turn it off. I wish people appreciated it, but you're right -- they REALLY don't.

  7. Where to start???? J might be able to answer this better, LOL.

    1. Every light switch has to be in the down position when the light is off. When there's two switches to one light this is a real problem.
    2. Toilet paper has to go over not under.
    3. My paper towels have to feed off the holder a certain direction.
    4. I'm totally ocd about touch up paint.
    5. The toilet lid has to be down when not in use
    6. I line up things a certain way. For instance, our night stand has a carved decorative line on top and I have to square up a coaster in the corner of the line. J likes to move things to mess with me. Also, I line up our bathroom rugs between grout lines.
    7. When I let the dogs out of their cage I have to latch the door back, having it swinging open drives me nuts.
    8. I can't have the open end of a pillow case by my face, has to be the closed end.

    I'm sure there's more but these are the ones that just come to me.

  8. Things I'm particular about:

    Putting my kids toys away each night before bed.

    A clean/cleared off dining room table.

    I also need to have all closet doors as well as dresser drawers closed.

    Folding each article of laundry in the same way - so, fold all pants the same, all t-shirts the same, all socks the same, towels, etc. My husband DOES NOT share this need with me AT ALL. One shirt is folded with the crease on the right side and the next shirt is folded with the crease on the other side. UGH.

    And while we're on clothes... all clothing facing the same way in our closets and hanging with like articles of clothing (pants together, short sleeve shirts together, etc.).

    At work, I am CONSTANTLY straightening up the chairs in my boss's office. She leaves them out after clients leave from meeting with her and they are randomly around the table/desk. I put them back where they go every time.

  9. (I love reading what all of you obsess over! SO interesting...)

  10. Many of these apply to me as well. I am particular about the following:

    1) Toilet paper must be over not under.
    2) Dishes must be taken care of immediately.
    3)Bed must be made everyday, even if it isn't made until 9 p.m. I will make sure the sheets are straightened out before climbing into bed.
    4) I make my side of the bed when I get up in the morning, even though my husband is still sleeping. Leaving them awry is unacceptable. At least I know I did my part.
    5) Toilet lid must be down on toilet.
    6) All dresser drawers must be closed all the way, I can't stand when a sock or a shirt has prohibited it from closing all the way.
    7) My husband has these little tags on his shirts from the dry cleaner that rips off daily and just leaves on the dresser, the first thing I do when I get home is throw them away. They are my nemesis.
    8) It bothers me that I don't know whether those people on the commercials are a real couple or not. They say they are and they tell you when they were matched/married. Is that just marketing? I need to know how I can find out for sure.

    I had to stop at 8 things because 8 is my favorite number. Writing 9 things is unacceptable.

  11. Well, everyone knows about my OCD. I shall just share some of my lesser known, don't particularly need medication issues.

    1. I can't go to bed without the dishes done and the coffeemaker ready with my mug sitting next to it.
    2. I feel as though Louis gets out of the shower on the wrong side and I do not like where he leaves the shower curtain.
    3. Kitchen cupboards should remain shut. Who leaves them wide open after taking something out????
    4. I hate crooked blinds in the windows. It looks trashy.

    You know I could go on for days, but who wants to hear me bitch more??

  12. Someone PLEASE tell my husband that I AM NOT ALONE in my obsessions! Take everything that everyone has written so far, put it all together, and THAT'S ME! I am the most incredibly anal person I have ever met in my entire life and I try so hard not to be, but I can't help it. I get it from my mom.

    If I had to pick just's the bed. My husband works nights and has for almost two years now. He sleeps when I'm awake and vice versa. Our bed has not been made in almost TWO years because someone is always in it - DRIVES ME NUTS! Ok, so it gets made when we have a showing at our house, but that's it. in my book that doesn't count.

  13. Oh I HATE my sheets tucked in. T. loves it, the tighter the better. Me I sleep wrapped around my blankets. Legs and arms twisted around each blanket or on top of the blankets so that no part feels constricted.

    A few obsessions...

    1. It drives me crazy when lights are left on and no one is in the room

    2. After dinner I like all the dishes to be taken to the kitchen right away and at the least be rinsed off and the food put away. T. likes to let it sit and it bothers me.

    3. This might be weird, but I obsess over the main doors in our house being closed/locked or things off. I have to say out loud that something is off or closed three times or I will worry about it all day/night until I check it again. Like when I leave I say garage door closed, garage door closed, garage door closed. If I don't say, I have gone back home to check. I hate when things are unlocked or appliances are left on for a long period of time.

    4. Towels MUST be folded a certain way and taken out of the dryer when they are still warm.

  14. So, my husband (this is Sarah Hahn, again) and I are talking about this and realizing how much our lists have dwindled. We used to have things that bothered us. We used to be particular. We used to care. Not anymore. The children have sucked out our will to live. Ok, perhaps this is a bit dramatic, but they have taken away the energy we used to have to care. If the kids are in bed, we don't care if the house is a mess or the laundry needs done or the dishes need washed. We are like zombies in front of the TV just not thinking about anything. Do any other mothers feel this way?


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