So simple... yet I didn't think of it myself.

10/05/2009 11:05:00 PM

DUH! Why wouldn't I have tried peanut butter blossom cookies with reece's peanut butter cups as the centerpiece instead of Hershey's kisses???

Oh wait...

Because I live in a country where you cannot buy REESE'S PRODUCTS ANYWHERE.

Heavy, heavy sigh...

Anyway... for those of you in the States, recipe here.


  1. What kind of fascist place doesn't allow Reese's products within its borders?

  2. You can't buy Reese's in Mexico?! You poor thing you!

  3. I had some of these this weekend! YUM!

  4. I will send you some if you want! I'm always at the store and then the P.O. sending my sister stuff, so it would be no problem!


  5. Genius! I so wish Evan didn't have a peanut allergy...I hope he grows out of it.

  6. You poor girl! That is so odd that they don't have them there. Mexican love candy...I should know. LOL! Reese's are my favorite candy ever! I will send you some if want.

  7. i have to say this: that photo looks like Mickey Mouse (head and ears).

    See? All Disney, all the time.

    I need a 12-step program.


  8. I have never thought of these...they look amazing!


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