Shaking in my flips.

10/16/2009 09:18:00 AM
There's a new hurricane in the Pacific. His name is, "Rick."

This makes me laugh; not quiver with fear.

"I'm Rick James, _____"
Rick Springfield
Ricky Schroeder

It's such an 80's name. Who's afraid of "Ricky"?

Tee hee.

Update: Joke's on me. It turns on that Hurricane Rick is rapidly intensifying. Eek. See here.


  1. Sister....I feel you are mocking mother nature, even if she is a transvestite named Rick.

    Danger Danger, and be SO HAPPY you aren't fishing, doing early morning shotguns starts or manning the tent this coming week. This might be the silver lining to the recession.

  2. hahahahha. I love you.

    You're right.

    (The "transvestite named Rick" cracked me up.)

  3. I agree, Rick is not a scary name. Rather it makes me think of someones little brother.

    Perhaps if the hurricane gets more serious Richard would be more appropriate.


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