Random great things.

10/29/2009 12:01:00 AM

1. Email. For without it, I wouldn't be able to communicate as frequently as I do with a collection of astoundingly phenomenal and supportive friends.

2. The warmth of sunshine. Whether you take in a sliver of it while driving, or it peeks out over the clouds, the sun is a welcomed friend in my facebook.

3. Miniature things. I love doll-house-sized items. I think teeny-weeny things are just far too much fun. I believe fate (ok, God...) gave me Lila so that I can finally have the dollhouse I've been dreaming of. (Have fun with AllThingsMini.com.)

4. Plants and seedlings. I adore watching things grow. I enjoy religiously watering and measuring, watering and measuring new growth. (I'm currently growing basil, cilantro, daisies and lavender.)

5. Modern Life, Glee and Say Yes to the Dress. Now thems are some good tee vee shows.

6. Bon Jovi's, "Livin' on a Prayer".

7. Ferg. I have the finest little fur-ball in the world. I do.

8. Eggs. I love eggs.

Life's good.
What's great in your life today?


  1. I just watched Modern LIfe and was laughing out loud. Good show.

  2. A husband that can tolerate my pregnancy related abuse that is 100% aimed at him.

    A toddler that sings Beyonce songs.

  3. I'm thankful for my sweet, caring children (I still pinch myself having a boy and a girl), my husband who loves me on good days and somehow even when I am being a creep (God bless him)! I am truly blessed with awesome family and friends too!

    And...I can't forget my latte...it does a morning good!

  4. Blogs, Fall weather, our nursery being close to complete, my Mom's banana muffins, non-antibacterial hand sanitizer, knowing lots of people who make me laugh, spelling bees.

  5. 5 hours of sleep in a row! Healthy Children! A great husband! A house to call our home! Autumn! The smell of a baby after his bath! A hot shower! Smart Wool socks!!

  6. I love these!!

    Getting an extra hour of sleep so that when we have to get up at 8:30 it was really like 9:30!

    Spending the morning and early afternoon out and about with my hubby before he goes to class for 7hours.

    Romantic comedies.

    The smell of clean laundry.

    catching up on blogs after not reading them for a week!

    Fitting into a smaller size pair of pants! YAY!


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