The one thing I like about Halloween:
Candy corn

10/20/2009 11:05:00 PM
As a rule, I don't care for Halloween. It's my least-favorite holiday.

I've never been good at the whole costume-thing. (Iris Took - I will forever give you props in the costume arena. You rock some good ones.)

Anyway - scary Halloween things are well, scary.

I prefer more of a Thanksgiving, "bountiful-harvest-type" of autumnal decor.

Skeletons and ghosts aren't my thing.

End of story.


That said - are you dressing up for Halloween? How about your pets? Your children?

10,000 points to the most original costume idea. 15,000 points if you provide photos.


  1. Eh, I'm kinda indifferent to Halloween. I HATE masks, but I do enjoy little kids dressing up - as dinosaurs, princesses, etc. I've not been one to dress up either, except on a few occasions. (I'll leave some pics on my blog here in a minute. MD2 and I had pretty great costumes one year, as did 2 of my friends.)

    I too prefer Thanksgiving - my favorite, food, football, without the hype of gifting!

  2. (PS - best costumes every on my blog!)

  3. For sisters truly from another mother, we are about as alike as we can be in some very odd areas. Likewise, I dislike Halloween intensely - quite a problem in raising well balanced, not too much like me, children. I also LOVE Thanksgving and fall decor and just put out my annual candle thing glass vase full of candy corn - what else do you during a storm that isn't??

    any holiday that bases itself around terror or fear isn't my thing, that's for sure. That includes New Year's Eve. :)

  4. Oh nooo, I love Halloween! Obviously. You read my blog, you know, haha! I like the cutesy part of Halloween, smiling ghosts and goblins and pumpkins, but also a little bit of the creepy/gross stuff too. Having kids has definetely toned me down a bit, but I've also slowly introduced them to some creepy stuff, and they handle it well. (I'm probably going to pay for that later when they need therapy!!)

    I have no idea about costumes this year and it's stressing me out!

  5. I feel exactly the same as you about Halloween. Never been into it. Not even really w/ my kids. I only get them costumes b/c they want them or b/c they go trick-or-treating w/ cousins.

    I never really dressed up pass middle school.... so nope, no costumes for me.

  6. I loooooooooove Halloween! It's amazing. I am having a terrible time coming up with a good costume this year. Past costumes for me include:
    1) Cruella DeVille
    2) Wicked Witch (complete with prosthetic nose and mole and entire green body)
    3) Kendra (with Hef, Holly, and Bridget)
    4) Velma Kelly (sister was Roxy Heart and we glued beer caps to our high heels)
    5) Medusa (with snake headband)
    If I think of more, I will post them. I will also post pics on my blog for you sometime today!

  7. Yep, I'm with you. I'll put out a few pumpkin decorations and fun skeleton hand towels, but the overall theme of scariness and masks is not something I enjoy.

    I like it when kids under 5 dress up or when adults have to think of clever costumes. Anything in between is scary and I choose not to celebrate fear.

  8. I LOVE Halloween! We used to throw a big party every year - a few hundred people. It was so much fun. Haven't done it since becoming parents - too much work, but I miss it. I have a ton of pictures... I'll post them to my blog later this week for you. If anything, some will make you laugh...maybe even out loud. ;)


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