A mere six years ago...

10/24/2009 11:05:00 PM

My dear, C. -- we look like babies! ;)
Look how young we were...
h a p p y a n n i v e r s a r y
You're my one true love.
Fo sho.
If you ask me, you are the standard by which all husbands should be measured.
I love you now, more than e v e r.


  1. Awe! Happy Anniversary you two!

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  3. Your wedding was so beautiful (I completely forgot you were blond right then!), and the two of you are just GREAT. :) Happy anniversary!

  4. Happy Anniversary to two of my most favorite people! Love ya!

  5. :) YAY! i LOVE the last picture!! and that kind of made me tear up.

  6. How gorgeous. All of it.

    In the second picture from the bottom, you kind of look like your sister, T. (from what I've seen of pics of her on FB)

    Congrats to you both!!!!!

  7. Ky,

    Happy Anniversary to you!!!

    Your my Best Friend and my forever LOVE.

    Your a wonderful wife, best friend and mother. I can't imagine a life with out you.

    Love Me

  8. thanks for sharing the wedding pics! i can't ever believe you were a blond! :) congrats on the anniversary.... here's to many, many, many more.

  9. Thanks, everyone!

    AND - I cannot BELIEVE I was every a blonde. UGH. Someone should have told me...

    C. - I love you, too. SO much. Thank you for a wonderful day. :)

  10. Happy Anniversary Kylee and Craig!

    Your sweetness is too much for a pregnant lady to handle.

    Love you guys!

  11. Happy Anniversary! I love you guys! If you ask me, you should both be the measurement of a wife and a husband and, well, a good friend.


  12. At first glance, I was like "who is that?" The blonde hair really threw me off... You made a beautiful bride! Congrats and happy anniversary!

  13. Happy Anniversary K & C!!!

    In a time were the values of marriage seem to have been forgotten and misplaced, you two exemplify what marriage represents.

    To many many many more!

  14. Happy Anniversary to you both...what a great night that was! Hugs!

  15. *sniffle*

    Happy Anniversary!

    PS... check out my new URL...

  16. I've never seen those. How beautiful are you two?

  17. I took those pictures -- and since you were blonde when I met you, I always think of you that way!

    You two are so wonderful together. Happy anniversary!


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