Measurement by means of Possession.
Alternate title: I don't think I'm alone on this one.

10/19/2009 11:05:00 PM
I keep older clothes that I secretly have no intention of ever wearing again.


Solely so that I can check on a semi-regular basis to see if I can still fit into said garments.

Case in point: I have a pair of jeans (semi-high-waisted) that are circa 1996-1997. I would NEVER wear them out. However, I keep them to randomly try them on to see how they fit. I also have a pair of jeans that I wore around the time of my wedding (10-2003). And of course, my pre-pregnancy jeans.

Women don't relinquish old clothes for one reason: we want to know, if three to fifteen years from now, we might still fit into our once beloved article of clothing.

Am I alone here?


Note: I really don't think men do this.


  1. Since the styles change so much, I end up getting rid of them b/c even though its refreshing they still fit, they almost make me feel awkward and like I should get rid of them b/c I never will wear them again (style-wise) - can you tell I'm a big fan of purging and organizing?

    And then I have this little pile that somehow I wore (and was at my smallest) when my 1st child was 1yr old. There is no freakin way I'll ever fit into them again, and I keep contemplating giving them to my skinny sister-in-law.... but then just keep them "just in case." :)

  2. Personally, I'm on the other end of that. Yes, I keep old clothes and clothes I will NEVER wear or can't fit into. But I do it because I hate clothes shopping, I hate trying clothes on, and if I clear out all the clothes that I never wear, I'd have 3 pairs of pants and 8 shirts. And that would be depressing to look at.

  3. Okay, I'm going to start with men...simply because I find it funny. My husband has a TON of clothes from about 1998-2000 that he keeps and will NEVER fit him again. He randomly tries them on just to see how they fit. lol. He was in the Navy, lived in Cali and surfed all the time. He says the clothes are meaningful to him because they remind him of that time in his life. I can appreciate that (but I still find it hilarious).

    I have a few pairs of shorts from my high school days that I keep. I actually still wear them around the house (GASP!!). Other than that, I throw most things away or donate to Goodwill.

  4. I totally do this. I think I have a pair of jeans from 1995 that probably would fit on one of my arms at this point. But they're still so cute -- you know, if I ever got tiny enough to fit into them (ha!), I probably WOULD wear them.

    My husband is a shorts and T-shirt guy (even in the winter), and couldn't possibly care less about clothes, his own or anyone else's. He'll never know the joy of trying on something from 15 years ago, saying, "Yep, still fits!" and putting it back in the closet

  5. I have an entire tub of "maybe one day I will fit into them again" clothes in the basement. They are all from college and I still like them, espceially the jeans, and refuse to get rid of them. The jeans are actually perfect, worn down in all the right places so they feel perfect. One day I will fit into those....I hope!! :)


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