Mad Men Minute

10/05/2009 11:07:00 PM
...and this brief, "Mad Men Minute" is brought to you by me; consciously giving you at least ONE day to watch your DVR'd episode before I blurt out my random feelings about the show's colorful cast of crazies.
-Peter Campbell continues to make me want to vomit. I loathe him. And, seeing him without a shirt on this week (blech) was nearly more than I could take. Always wanting something in return, that Pete...

-Betty Draper is so frigid. She's just melba toast. BORING and dry and rude and the epitome of entitled.

-I am loving how the 60's fashion is creeping in. YES!

-Do we have thoughts about Joan Holloway working at the Hermes counter? Hmmm.... Will she be back at Sterling Cooper any time soon?

-Anyone shocked that Betty Draper kissed the Governor's PR guy? Or how seemingly good her French is?

I swear, it's Betty Draper's world and we're all just living in it.


  1. i agree..peter is disgusting. i'm so happy i can FF thru his nonsense.

    LOVED Betty's look in Italy. but she is so mean and frigid. Poor Don.

    i would love to know why/how Betty knows Italian. that's crazy.

    i hope Joan comes back to Sterling Cooper soon.

    i have to ask: did you notice several episodes back when Roger was looking @ his daughter's wedding invitation...i SWEAR the date on it was the date the Pres. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963(November 22, 1963). I could be wrong, but that would be a plot twist, right?

    oh, and did you see the Sesame Street parody of MM? it's on YouTube but also can be seen @ the MM page on AMC's Web site. funny stuff.

  2. I think I must be living under a rock because I haven't watched this show. I've heard of it through your blog and others ... but haevn't looked into it. Save me the Google time and tell me: what network is it on, and what time? Is this the second season?

  3. Ugh, Pete the Weasel just keeps getting weaselier. He really is a creep.

    It was nice to see Betty be more fun and enjoy herself in Italy. What a difference it was when they got back home. Yikes!

    Joan will totally be back. Everyone loves her.

  4. I have GOT to start watching Mad Men!


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