Lila Lunes:
The week of the HANDS (and shirt) in the Mouth.

10/04/2009 11:05:00 PM
In previous weeks Lila had discovered her hands. In this past week, she's proceeded to start a love affair with them. There is never a moment in which her mano is not in her boca. It's incessant. Sometimes it's one finger, sometimes it's all of her fingers, sometimes it's all of her fingers except her middle one. (Yes, it appears sometimes like our 3-month-old Cupcake gives us the middle-finger salute. That's one for the baby book, no?)

Q. How is Lila this week?
A. Vocal. (In fact she's yelling as I type this.) She's awake more often and I'll be honest, I'm not quite sure how I'm supposed to be entertaining her. (Help? Thoughts? What do I do with a 3-month-old?) We read books, we suffer through tummy time, we chat, I talk to her all.the.time, she spends time "at the gym" (on her play mat)... and well, that's about it.

It's still SO hot outside so we haven't even been able to stroll. (Bummer.)

She's a happy thing, though. Smiling just about 90% of the day. Craig calls her a, "smile machine." He's right.

Check it out:

Q. How is C. doing with this whole parenting thing?
A. So this week, my husband says to me, "You know, no one can ever explain to you how amazing it is to see your child smile. I mean, no one can ever explain it to you..."

He is so right.

Q. Is Lila still sleeping well?
A. Well, sort of! She still goes down for the night around 8:30 p.m. - but she's becoming more VOCAL at bed time. (Think: crying and yelling for about 3-5 minutes or so.) Then, Craig wakes her up around 11 p.m. to feed her and then she sleeps until about 7 or 8 a.m. I adore a baby who sleeps. I'd throw a baby who doesn't sleep out the window.

(I would.)

Q. Any milestones for the little lady this week?
A. YES! She rolled from her belly to her back yesterday and it was much more dramatic than we could have ever guessed. She loathes being on her stomach and literally FLUNG herself from her stomach to her back; smacking her arm on her gym-play-mat-thing, letting out a great bit, "Ahhhhhhhh!"

Craig's response was, "Wow. She just rolled. That really was way more dramatic than I could have ever expected."

That Lila, already she has a flair for the dramatics.

(I think that comes from my side.)

Q. Anything not going well for Lila this week?
A. Well, I think I noticed this week that Lila likes to be held. A lot. We're trying to break this - but still, it's kind of annoying. She cries for about 3-5 minutes each time we put her in her once-loved bouncy seat and her once-loved swing.

Shoot us. We truly can't hold her 24/7. Life just doesn't allow for it.

I did read that it's totally normal for babies at her age to experience their first bouts of, "separation anxiety." Well, dear Lila - we don't have time for that. Don't be anxious. We love you. We're right over there. Buck up.

(shush. of course I'm not that insensitive.)

Q. Have I lost it yet? With my Cupcake?
A. You know, in the beginning weeks - I had a few breakdowns and they came on me like a tsunami. Now, it's more annoyance than anything. Lila is exerting her personality more and more (as I mentioned above with the whole, "Hold-me-don't-put-me-down-EVER" thing") - and 95% of the time it's adorable. About 5% of the time I just need a break.

Luckily, Craig and I laugh through most of this parenthood thing. For example, yesterday I said to Craig: "You're turn. She's crying. If I go in there I'll shake her."

(That probably didn't read well. It was funny to us when said out loud. NO. I'd never shake my baby. Come on.)

Moving on.

Ok, onward to the movies first. There's some doozies this week.

This one makes me laugh.

Here's Lila and her Daddy workin'

I know. She's cute.

This is her little smirk that happens right before she has a full-blown smile.

Here I am trying to force Melvin the Monkey on Lila. (She's starting to like him.)

How precious is this outfit?! It's from Cousin Mickey.
I love it.

So Lila takes her morning nap in her bouncy seat or on her play mat. As it turns out, she woke up half-way on the play mat and half-way on the tile.
Hey - she was happy.

Another shot. Still happy.

Here's Lila with her new stuffed mermaid from G.!
She loves it. She was holding the mermaid's hand. It was super cute.

Here we are returning from a little outing.

Someone loves sticking her tongue out...

She's kissing Melvin the Monkey! SUCCESS!

Dare you not to smile...

I mean, come on... cute.

Soundly sleeping...until...

...Mommy wakes her up from the flash... (She fell back asleep.)

Lila's fluffs (slippers, from cousin Chloe) are just flippin' cute.

And finally, my favorite picture of the week:

kb & lb


  1. Absolutely precious..and you seriously crack me up! Have a great week!

  2. love the hair's unruly at times!
    hiccups were cute, although sounded painful?!?
    love the seersucker pants - you can't go wrong!

  3. oh, i have NO idea how to entertain a 3 month old. i hear baby einstein is really fun to them?

  4. I really like when you say (or blog) "shush." It really cracks me up!!

    Another great week in the Adventures of Lila!

  5. OK- AWESOME POST!!!! sometimes I think, they are just as happy to be "participating" in whatever you are doing and explain (mindlessly) what you are doing?? Well it did the trick for me sometimes :) I too wondered just how many books I could handle reading and how many faces or sounds I could make up before they were totally "done" with me! Little did I realize then that now it is pretty much the same thing- at a point, they are just "DONE" with me!

    Is is wrong to feel you want to throw your 'not sleeping for days' baby/child out the window? I was not aware! :)

    What Craig said- ABSOLUTELY TRUE! (own baby smiling)

    wanting to be held 24/7, a problem, I did basically ask my babies to "buck up" on several occasions, at the time I thought I was giving them reason to turn on me, yet to this day, they still want to be near/on me constantly!!! It hadn't deterred them!

    One of the most used "phrases" amongst my best friend and I was "Shake the baby!" In a sing/song way when we would be playing with the happy baby- again, perhaps not reading well, but it helped us to laugh about all the times it gets rough with non-sleeping babies and constant crying! :)

    The videos have me making faces as I watch that my mom caught me, "what is going on? do you feel ok?" She didn't know what I was looking at, but still it makes me sooo happy to see Miss Lila 'LIVE'!!!!!

    Thank you so much Kylee! keep them coming- Always a huge bright spot in my day!

  6. so adorable! loved the hiccups with the sneeze thrown in for good measure.

    yeah, entertaining a 3 month old...not so easy. but peek a boo is good. and tummy time (which sounds like it might quickly turn to 'back time' for miss lila! yay for rolling over!).

  7. My boys are 9 & 6 and just reading your funny stories takes me back in time...Thanks for making me laugh! and yes, you now know the mysteries of parenting- couldn't agree more!! love all the cute pics and video!!

  8. I appreciate you being so honest (and funny at the same time). I think I need to bookmark this blog so that when I feel STRONG annoyance (as in CAN'T-TAKE-IT-ANY-LONGER!) with my own little one to come, I'll know it's normal, and that I'm not failing as a parent.

    P.S. Lila is of course as sweet as always. She's a natural with the camera!

  9. such a great post! the hiccups are so cute and funny. her entire head moves!


  10. side note: (sorry if I already mentioned it) Neither of my kids ever took to a stuffed animal or pacifier. I tried both but they refused. At 2 years old, my son STILL wants NOTHING in his crib. Every blanket I toss in there (even when he's asleep) goes right back out the second he notices it. Weird kids.

  11. I love the videos, they crack me up! I like how she is all smiles, it is too cute. You know my favorite sound may very well be babies/children laughing - LOVE IT!

    Though not a parent, this is how I would entertain a 3 month old. Turn on Pink Floyd, a disco ball or a lava lamp, and let little Lila explore the meaning of life :) hehe, ok maybe not the best...just thinking!

  12. I love Lila Lunes! She is so adorable and I love the videos where I can see and hear you all interacting. Love it!


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