Lila Lunes
We ♥ Lila. A lot.

10/18/2009 11:05:00 PM
Devious Lila.

Bottom line, Lila's fun.
She smiles all the time.

However, let's not kid ourselves -she does her fair share of crying, too.

Q. So what's new this week?
A. Little miss Lila is now officially done with the swaddling miracle burrito blanket. (Note: We couldn't have gotten through LIFE without these blankets. I strongly encourage the purchasing of these blankets for newborns.) Apparently, you stop using them when your baby can roll on to her side. So, on to the sleep sacks we go...

Q. Speaking of sleeping, how's it going?
A. Well... Lila is either an angel or a non-angel at night. Meaning, she either falls asleep quickly with no crying... or of course, she screams. I mean, really screams.

Q. Do I realize that even though my child screams it is no reflection on my skills as a parent?
A. Yes. Still, sometimes it's hard. Sometimes you get a headache and your necks hurts because hearing your baby scream is stressful. I think we all go through this, though. Yep, we all go through, "Are-you-kidding-me?!?!" moments. The best thing? Those moments don't last forever.

Q. Did Lila do anything special this week?
A. Yes. She went swimming at Aunt T.'s house!

And here is Cousin Bella taking a quick break from an important phone call to watch "Baby Eye-ya" from the sidelines. (How GREAT are those glasses?)

And here's Lila wearing her cover-up warmly in Daddy's arms.

Ok - short update this week.

On to the pictures!

I love when she puts her arms like this. It just cracks me up.

Lila tested Ferg this week. See that fist-full of fur in Lila's hand?

Yep. It got tighter. Ferg turned quickly, LOOKED at Lila, then jumped (quickly) away from her.
We were SO proud of Ferg for responding well.
She promptly got a treat. (Rightly so.)

Dress from Tia Trophy Life and hair accessory from Aunt T.

This child sucks on her lips all the time.

When she's not sucking on her lips, her tongue is out.

At the gym.

The Cupcake's eyes are still dark, steel blue.
(Mine are brown. C.'s are hazel. Lila's Grandma's eyes are blue.)

And, my favorite picture of the week.

Farewell! We are awaiting our first hurricane this week... we shall let you know how it goes.

kb & lb


  1. Love her hair. The curls! So cute.

    Yay for Ferg. R and and were just talking about what the cats might do around a baby. It's frightening. We know they'll end up in the crib, so will they sit on it's face? Nervous...

    She's a peanut.

  2. I just love the flower headband, so adorable!!!

    She is getting the baby chub too...I LOVE IT!

  3. She looks so much older to me this week!!

    I adore her natural hairstyle.

    I'm not comfortable with a hurricane anywhere near Lila. I'd be having nonstop anxiety attacks.

  4. I love her expressions, they crack me up!

  5. She takes the greatest pics, Ky. Your little photogenic daughter...I tell ya. :)

    Also love the arm position. She looks as though she's preparing to do a ballet move!

  6. Love the devious expression in the first photo. Such a range of faces for such a little girl!

    Precious as always.

  7. Devious Lila reminded me of both cousin Micah and cousin Bella in two totally different ways - odd.

    anyway...LOVE the yellow flower outfit, love the black and white pics with MY outfit and the ADORABLE hair bow, and i love the swimsuit. cousin Bella has grown very important in her old age!!


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