Lila Lunes: She's a quarter of a year old.

10/26/2009 12:05:00 AM

My little Lila Ross is growing up.

Q. How's she doing?
A. The Cupcake is attempting to become more and more independent everyday. (Already!?! I know.) I want to cuddle with her and smoosh her into me... she wants to turn around and look outward. I sit her on my lap and she wants to stand up. We want her to nap or fall asleep, she wants to scream. This child definitely has her own personality. (Imagine that.)

Note the, "I'm-not-happy-with-you" frown.

Here's a short video illustrating Lila's annoyance with the morning nap.
She's conflicted. She loves me and wants to smile at me - but hates the idea of napping.
It ends in a stare down.

Q. Any current challenges with the wee one?
A. Yep. Sleeping. Our little angel was far too good to us for approximately 3.5 months. We would simply swaddle her and wah-lah - she fell asleep within minutes. Now, even though she's exhausted she doesn't fall asleep. Nope. She screams. And, even though our goal is to put her down, "drowsy but awake" - she's just not agreeing with our vision for her bed time. And so it begins...

Q. So what else is going on?
A. The weather in Los Cabos is becoming cooler (80's), so we've been able to go outside more, hang out in the courtyard and look at nature and swim. FINALLY - we're not stuck in the house 24/7. Just this past weekend we went down to Cabo to walk around. Lila clearly enjoyed herself.

Ultimately, all's well here. We have our good days and our not-so-good minutes.

Those know-it-all parent friends were not kidding when they warned us that this is both the most rewarding and challenging journey we'd ever go on. You literally want to cry out in frustration some minutes, but then - within 3 seconds - you're smiling again because that little lady just smiled at you.

Here's my sweetie pie in her sunglasses. Um. Too much fun.

Happy girl, almost napping in the courtyard.

Lila seriously loves to watch football. (Ask C. It's odd.) Here's the little lady with her puppy.

(I love this one. Ferg: the perfect foot stool.)

More swimming at Aunt T's house. :)
This week: the little mermaid swimsuit from our friend B's mom. (So cute.)

I love this float. So does Lila.
(Please notice the right elbow propped up... just chillin'.)

Our little dual citizen.

Super exciting!

She's standing!

Sleeping after her swim. It was exhausting, I'm sure.

Last one for the week:
I totally got a quirky kid.

Have a great week, ya'll.
kb & lb


  1. I TOTALLY saw your face in her in that video.

  2. She has the most expressive eyes. Adorable.

  3. I loved the chillin' in the pool one!

    My daughter also loved to watch football really young. Weird. (funny thing is, at 4 yo, she was super excited fb was on yesterday.....)

    Oh, sleep. If only someone would lean sleep in our favor. Childrearing would be MUCH MUCH MUCH easier!

  4. Love the photo of Ferg as a foot rest! You should blow that one up and frame it.

    And next to it should be the chillin' in the pool pic.

    Way cute.

  5. She is definitely her mother's daughter, with the animated eyes and face. :) Killing me this week: The sunglasses (again) and the propped elbow in the float. She is the picture of a happy baby with no worries. :)

  6. Seriously, what a personality!! I love how expressive she is. And the stare down during the video cracked me up! She is like, it ain’t happening mom :)

  7. how sweet these are! I love love love the Ferg and and Lila ones! Ferg is the best big sister ever!Lila is certainly asserting her personality and while at times it is frustrating(the cry/sleep thing)it can be the most fascinating thing ever! And it continues to grow! miss you guys- she is so big and full of life!


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