Lila Lunes: Just when we think we know what we're doing...

10/11/2009 11:05:00 PM
(Note: Images appear grainy, yet look fine when clicked on. Not sure what's going on here...)

Lila, 17 weeks out of my belly

Ah yes, the theme this week is that Lila is a-changin'. What worked a month ago, even a couple of weeks ago - just ain't cuttin' the mustard anymore. Seriously, just when C. and I thought this whole parenthood thing was easy, there goes Lila - shaking things up.

Q. How's she shaking things up?
A. She's changing her whole routine. When she once napped, she's awake. When she once ate every 3 hours, sometimes it's every 4, or every 2. When she once loved sitting up, she now wants to stand. (Slow your roll, Lila! You're 3 months old!)

And, much to our chagrin - she no longer wants ANYTHING to do with a pacifier. What?! Huh?! You're a BABY. Babies use pacifiers. Pacifiers stop crying. Help a sista out. PLEASE.take.your.pacifier. Nope, not my baby. She'd rather talk (she's sooooo my kid) or suck on her hands.

Q. How are we coping with this?
A. Well, we're just going with it. Lila's the queen in this house. We'll give her whatever she needs, so long as she's not requesting cigarettes and vodka.

Q. How is the little Cupcake?
A. She's stupendous. She really is a pleasure. While she's not potty-trained yet, we've decided we'll keep her around for a few more months even though it's turned out that she's quite a lot of work.

However, we've talked about it and it's unanimous (between Craig and I.); neither Lila or Ferg really pull their own weight around here. I mean sure, Ferg pays us in, "High Fives" and licks us (ew), and yeah, Lila smiles and smooches us... but let's be honest. That ain't paying the bills. :)

Q. How's parenting?
A. I've learned that I do everything faster these days. I talk fast, I wash dishes fast, I eat fast, I drink fast, I shower fast. However, I cannot speed Lila up. She refuses to do anything any quicker. Nope. It's been quite a lesson. What? Do I want her to hurry up and eat so I can make that 9:00 a.m. conference call? HA. Fat chance. She'll do it in her time. Ah, patience. I am slowly understanding the art of patience...

Q. What's Lila up to these days?
A. She's currently super in to jumping. Yep. We bought the Precious Planet Jumperoo from amazon (planned before the spending freeze) and let's just say it's Lila's new workout and our new entertainment. She hearts it. Big time.

And here's my favorite view: her stems.

Cute no?

Ok, onward to the pics.

Waking up in the a.m.

Every kid needs a sun hat. (This one is from our friend L. in Ohio. THANK YOU!)

Every kid also needs a skull hat. Thank you, Aunt T.

Ferg considers her job (watching Lila) to be VERY serious business.

Sometimes Ferg falls asleep on the job, though.

And here they are watching TV together. (Ferg looks huge.)

And I just love these faces.

Have a great week!

Very warmly. :)
kb & lb


  1. Little Miss Lila aka Cupcake!!! I just love it!!! and a mother to articulate it!!! and to think in my day we just had diaries!!!

  2. That should be the title of every parents life. "Just when we think we know what we're doing." I'm still dealing with that at TWO YEARS OLD!!!!!! Changes by the minute. Ruins that nice routine you had going. Ah well.

    She's still cute.... which is why God made them cute.... so when you are sleep deprived and slightly crazy..... :) (not saying you're slightly crazy!)

  3. Ferg DOES look huge. Too funny. I love the skull cap from your sister. The jumparoo video is to die for (the burrito is still my favorite).

  4. "Slow your roll" made me laugh for 10 minutes. :)

    Your daughter is just the cutest muffin girl I ever did see -- NOT that I'm telling you anything you don't know.

    My favorite part of the videos is the legs, where she's kicking one, then the other, in rapid succession. Like she's preparing for a Riverdance audition. :) heehee

  5. These updates just brighten up my Mondays! Thanks!!! Super cute as always!

  6. I see the monkey in this post again. Is she taking to him yet? :)

    17 weeks old? Where does the time go?

  7. oh, goodness, that video of her legs should be put to some music and posted on youtube!
    FERG looks great...she can't help it that her sister is a tiny thing! soon they won't be able to borrow clothes and Ferg will be okay with that, i believe.

  8. Of course I am loving Lila in her skull cap, too cute! And the video of her dancing in her Jumperoo = HILARIOUS!

  9. Ah yes--the changing! It will happen again just when you get used to this routine.

    That is when I recommend the cigarettes and vodka for Mom and dad!!


    She's so beautiful!! Thanks for sharing!


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