I will never say another cross word about a poorly named hurricane.

10/17/2009 07:44:00 PM

Um... Hurricane Rick is now a CATEGORY FIVE (yes, the scale only goes up to five) storm. And, he's headed right towards us.

Oh no.

Am currently praying that he veers off his alleged path.

Rick is huge.


  1. VERY STRONG name, that Rick. How many amazing RICK'S have there been in history.........well. Rick James. Rick Dee (that top 40 guy had a HARD job). RickY Schroeder became RICK and went from Silver Spoons to CSI or something.

    Bottom line....R and D are a few short letters a part and we are in a little trouble it appears. With all due respect to Rick, this is a little scary.

  2. t.. I should probably be embarrassed to admit this but it was NYPD Blue (Ricky Schroeder):)

    But at any rate the same point remains- it is scary! Definite respect to Rick and all the more important good thoughts and prayers for it to pass you all by and keep you safe!!! thinking of you all the time! be safe! love you all!

  3. Man, K...I couldn't handle this. Hope it turns the wrong way and your entire family stays safe!

  4. Batton down the hatches, and all that.

  5. I am really really hoping that Rick is all talk and no game. I am praying that he calms down.

  6. i hope he turns and heads out to sea!

    stay safe!!!

  7. Has there been any evacuation talk?


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