FOX News, you kill me.

10/15/2009 03:36:00 PM
So today I was privy to the boy-in-a-helium-balloon debacle taking place in Colorado. I watched the balloon soaring, listening to the FOX Newscasters report on the whole thing.

They feared the worst: that the six-year-old boy inside might be injured or dead.

So of course, they put that main photo on their homepage. Was it based in ANY sort of fact? Nope. Was there a boy really in the balloon? Nope.

Turns out there was no kid inside.

He was inside his garage.

In his attic.

In a cardboard box. (Hiding because he didn't want to be punished.)

(Now that's an annoying kid.)

That said - published this article.

There are THREE spelling errors in the first two paragraphs:

attaic = Apparently they meant, "attic".

Then this sentence, "The official said his parents were beisde themself during the search and believed the boy was in the balloon."

How about his parents were beside themselves?

PLEASE, national news website and network - don't be so hasty on the publishing of spelling errors and non-facts. Your credibility is already painfully sub par, now this?
Note: I realize that I have the occasional grammar or spelling error on the 'ole blog. This is because I'm human and not an objective news source with a team of copywriters scanning my posts for errors or mistruths. And because I'm usually multitasking...


  1. I am confident that you use more accuracy than a large percentage of news sites.

    I did say "THANK GOD!" out loud when I received my cnn text that told me he was found alive.

  2. I guess we now know why they write news at a 5th grade level... apparently that is where the writers stopped paying attention in school!

    PS, I make errors ALL the time. ;-)

  3. Ok, that's just downright embarrassing that he was in the attic and here comes the National Guard. I also found it quite humorous that during wife swap, the "other mom" was all about child safety and now this family "loses" their kid in a flying balloon. I bet that other mom was watching the news saying "I knew this would happen....."

    May it be noted while I was trying to type this I had 25 more spelling errors than I usually do.... I'm blaming it on your bringing spelling errors to light, but its probably b/c its 8am and my poor Ohio hands are already cracked and dry from cold weather. Blah.


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