EtsyLove: Curses! Why did I say I was on a spending freeze?

9/30/2009 11:08:00 PM
Lila needs these.
I know, I know... we don't live even remotely near cold weather... but COME.ON...

$28.00 - Etsy - See here.

$24.00 - Etsy - See here.

$25.00 - Etsy - See here.

It's official. I was supposed to be the mommy to a baby girl.
This is just


  1. Well, is Lila on a spending freeze?

  2. OMG...I am telling myself not to click "here"

  3. Spending freeze schmending freeze, pfffft, forgetaboutit. You need those! Get them! Or better yet buy a pattern and crochet them yourself for Lila!

  4. ADORABLE!! Jenna may need one of those this winter... and doesn't Lila get an allowance? She's totally spending her earnings on one of these hats! ;)

  5. LOVE them and Lila NEEDS them!

    ok maybe not helping here but isn't your spending freeze just on multiples of things you already have?! You do not have ANY of these things, ergo you are not breaking any of the rules of the spending freeze!!!

    PLUS, you would actually be doing Lila and her fans on this here blog who love to see cute pictures of her a disservice if you didn't get one or more of these hats and then post the ridiculously cute pictures of her IN those hats on your blog! I'm just say'n


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