The worst.

9/28/2009 07:42:00 PM
Don't you hate when a hair from your head is touching your arm, every-so-lightly, yet you cannot FIND the hair and get it off of you?

This, my friends, is the torture I go through on a daily basis with multiple strands of hair.

I am losing hair by the bucket-full. (I'm not kidding you.)

It's everywhere.
(I know, I know. You're more than welcome to vomit a little.)


  1. This happens to me CONSTANTLY. If there's any benefit to wearing long sleeves, it's that hair can no longer tickle the back of my arm and then elude and mock me.

  2. I feel your pain....I have had two pregnancies and with each I lost so much hair that it receded at my temples and I had to get a hair loss product to help it grow back! I, too, once had gorgeous hair like yours- unfortunately, after all the hormones I've lost a lot of the thickness and still lose at least a handful of hair everyday- AND it's been 6 yrs since I've had my last baby!! Good luck! I really hope that doesn't happen to your beautiful hair.

  3. GAHH! You have struck on one of my most secret fears. Actually, it's not secret at all. Loose hair totally freaks me out. EWWWW!


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