9/10/2009 11:05:00 PM

What I enjoyed about my trip to the States:

1.) The varying climate. It rained. It was sunny. It was windy. And it rained again. And I loved it.

2.) I appreciate the willingness of American drivers to utilize their blinkers. I mean, they are there for a reason. Thank you.

3.) I also appreciate that one can buy timbits doughnuts at any time of the day or night. Here, here!

4.) I now utilize and appreciate the whole, "family bathroom/lounge" concept. Very handy in the airport. And at the mall.

What's not working for the States:

1.) Portion control. It's inconceivable that anyone requires a nearly 24 oz. SMALL drink at a fast-food joint. Really? Because I think that's WAY too much pop. (Yes, I say "pop." I'm from Ohio. I'm keepin' it real.)

2.) Leggings as pants.

Heavy, heavy sigh.

Friends - leggings as PANTS on most of the American population are not ok. Please hear me: COVER UP YOUR BUTT. Longer shirt = ok. I literally saw a girl at the mall wearing leggings that had pockets "stitched" on her backside. The presence of pockets does not classify the lycra you're wearing as "pants".

Seacrest out.


  1. I agree...even if your butt looks good...leggings are only ok when your shirt/sweater covers your booty or your wearing a skirt, and sometimes even then they aren't!

  2. *sigh* leggings. I could probably write a 1,000 word blog about the subject. Instead, I will just say that I agree with your statements completely. Now, if I could only go one day without seeing a girl walk around campus in improper legging attire, I would be happy.

  3. I love the irony of this statement. Portion control and leggings.

  4. I wish you had leggings pictures to demonstrate the sights you saw. :)

    I thought we all knew leggings were only acceptable with a looong top? I'm not sure I've seen this yet in Cleveland? Maybe I haven't been paying attention.

  5. I had leggings on the day you got here :)


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