May the record state:

9/15/2009 11:10:00 PM

In reference to this blog post from last week, I'm am indeed not a leggings hater.

In fact, I own several pairs. (Or as my Grandma would say, "I own several pair." Singular.)

I am merely a non-believer in the whole, "wear-leggings-as-pants-with-your-butt-showing" look.



  1. I would like to buy some billboard space to make it known that leggings are not, I repeat, NOT pants. Please treat them like tights.

  2. Agreed.

    No one wants to see this. Even if your butt is in the shape of a heart. No one wants to see it.

  3. hi there- this is unrelated to your blog topic...but have been trying to find the blog I think you used to have in your was by a woman named Stephanie ? and she called her two boys funny names like the cheese and ? and her husband the golfer....any of this ring a bell? If so, could you please help me think of her name or title of her blog...I've been googling for an hour and I can't find it...thanks!

  4. I agree! I just bought my 1st pair and def wear shirts that cover my butt:)

  5. Grandma's grammar was correct. :)

  6. i just saw on e! that "jeggings" are in this fall. what?! jeggings? they look like jeans but are leggings. i thought they were kidding for a sec. ky, you may need to post something. i'd love to know your thoughts about jeggings. i'm laughing just thinking about what you would say...

    love, sal


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