Lila Lunes
She's 11 weeks old and as cute as a button.

9/07/2009 05:32:00 PM
(I love this picture. Pensive Lila.)

I have a baby who laughs.

My 11-week-old cupcake is a smiler and a laugher and I love it. (Yes, she's a cryer and a fusser, too -- but who needs to dwell on that?) At this point, I love the sound of my sweetie pie busting a gut (or whatever 11-week-old babies do) over something funny. It's great. Wide-mouthed, toothless Lila-smiles and laughs are heaven-sent.

I tell ya.
We love that Lila.

Q. How am I enjoying parenting?
At this point - I'm loving it. I really am. I rarely find myself saying, "I can't wait until..." because I just want each phase and each moment to last forever. (Again, except for those crying moments.)

I love that in order to fall asleep sometimes Lila needs to be snuggled super, super-close.
I love that when she wakes up in the morning her smiles are ginormous.
I love the way she smells.
I love her cheeks.
I love that she knows my voice.
I love that she came into our lives right when she did - not a moment too soon. Just at the perfect time.
I love that when she hears her Daddy's voice - no matter where he is in the room - she smiles.

Yep - I love her. If Lila had a facebook page, I'd be a fan.

Q. What have I learned since being a parent?
A. Well, I've mastered the art of using just ONE diaper wipe when changing a messy diaper. (Yep.)

I've also learned that it's mandatory that my baby burps - lest she be filled with razor-like, painful gas that causes her to yelp and scream for hours after she eats.

I've also learned that when my baby has a messy diaper - it's best to wait a few more minutes before running to change her. Yep... give her some time. :)

I've learned that my baby does not prefer to be "rubbed" on her back - instead, she must be tapped. Start rubbing - she starts screaming.

I've learned that C. and I no longer require silence in order to converse with one another - instead, we can do it over the screaming of a small, wailing baby with virtually no problem.

I've learned that new mommies never eat a hot meal. Nope. Just a luke-warm, room-temperature one.

I've taken multi-tasking to a new level. In the past hour, I've packed a suitcase, thrown a load of laundry in the dryer and washer, bathed my baby, uploaded pictures to dotphoto, rocked my baby, put my baby in bed and then emptied the bathtub. Oh, and I've actually been working on this post for TWO hours at this point. (Oh wait. It's now been four hours. Lila just ate again and I did some more laundry.)

I've learned that sterilizing absolutely everything isn't necessary 100% of the time. So far.

I've learned that I adore nursing. I love it. Looking down into the precious eyes of La-la-la-Lila is so much sweeter than any words could communicate. What a gift. I think I need an, "I heart breastfeeding" shirt. That's not creepy, right?

I've learned that you should always take an extra outfit and bib wherever you go. Every time you go anywhere. If you don't, you may be stuck with a naked baby in public.

I've learned that it's ok to go with my instincts and ignore the advice of others.

I've learned that sometimes the advice of others is life-saving. A network of experienced moms is worth it's weight in gold.

I've learned that babies are much less break-able than I had ever known.

I've learned that it's very important to clean a baby's neck. Everyday. Or else it will not smell lovely.

I've learned that in order for me to be a good mommy, I need to take care of myself. Emotionally. Physically. Spiritually.

I've learned that you can "have" everything... you just can't do "everything."

I've learned that guilt is more than likely going to be part of my life from here on out. Am I spending enough time with Craig? With Lila? With Ferg? With myself? Should I do laundry or do tummy time with Lila? Should I do work or have a glass of wine with Craig? (Wine is the usually winner in that dual.)

I've learned that I'm going to make mistakes.

Q. Have you made any mistakes yet?
A. Yes. I have. The one I'll share is this: Lila was lying back-down on her patemm pad and Ferg kept bringing a toy over to me to throw. She'd drop it. I'd throw it. Well, she dropped it close to Lila. I picked it up. And held it.

Over my baby's head.

For too long.

So Ferg jumped on Lila's face and grabbed the toy out of my hand.

Lila, my dear sweet Lila... drew in air... yep... and did one of those, "oh-no-you-didn't" cries. You know? The ones where they suck in air, hold it... hold it... hold it... then BAM! WAH!!!!!!!!! It was one of those.

I felt like such a jerk.

"Hi. My name is Kylee. I let my dog jump on my baby's face. In fact, I encouraged it. Yes, I release her to Child Protective Services now."


Q. So how did the trip to Ohio go?
A. Friends, countrymen - we're blessed. It has been amazing. Yes, it was jam-packed with visiting. Yes, we saw many friends and loved ones. No, unfortunately - we didn't see them all. It's bittersweet, I tell you.

But the weather was fantastic. In fact, I'm sitting listening to the rain right now. And it's sweet, sweet, sweet.

Onward to the pictures.

Here's "Baby Why-wuh" meeting her cousin Aubrey. (Please note that Aubrey is wearing a tutu.)

Here's Lila and Aubrey on the bed together. It was precious. After they had both woken up, Aubrey climbed onto the bed with Lila and was holding her hand and asking her, "Baby? Are you happy? Baby Lila? Are you happy?"

Aubrey was soooo good with her cousin.

Um, cute.

Yay for little hands. And cousins.

Lila's eyes are still dark gray. I don't think they're going to be blue. I'm voting brown so she has something that looks like me.

Here's Lila and I shopping in Columbus. I heart my Baby Bjorn.

Lila with her Aunt Taryn. How cute is my baby sister all holding my baby. Yay Taryn.

I believe Ferg is sitting on Lila in this one.

Happy Lila on Grandma Jenna's lap.

Here's Lila and Ferg. Ferg has just strategically placed her purse next to Lila so that Lila would throw it. Lila didn't throw it. She just laid there. Like a rock. What a disappointment for Ferg, I'm sure.

I just like this one. Could that pacifier holder be any bigger? Nope.

Here's my Lila meeting her Great-Grandma, Helen. (My Mom's Mom.)

Here's Lila and my Mom. Aw. (Isn't my Mom cute?)

And see? The cupcake cries. (Wearing a GREAT onesie from Aunt Nadja and cousin Athena. Thank you!)

Here's my baby and my other baby all plum-tuckered out after their Ohio trip.

That's all for this week.
Peace out, trout.



  1. OMG! that post was perfect! I LOVE all that you have learned :) Aubrey and Lila are so precious together! Taryn looks so pretty and your Mom- I love her! I really hope all your visits did go well- WE are all blessed to have gotten to see you and the fam! miss you already! love you and safe travels!!!

    Is all ok back in Cabo?

  2. yet another wonderful Lila post. my favorite line was this: "If Lila had a facebook page, I'd be a fan."

    that was priceless. :)

    safe travels back to Cabo!

  3. I love your lila posts!! I was on the floor about your Mommy Mistake! When one of my twins was Lila's age, I was carrying him across the bedroom floor in the middle of the night and tripped with him and flew across the room and luckily landed in the bed safely with him still in my arms- and he had a binky in his mouth- and within seconds he started yelling at me which sounded like he was speaking Chinese for a good 2 minutes! I'll never forget that moment! :)
    Thanks for sharing your mommy stories....have a safe trip back!

  4. I love your updates!! I am reading each week to see what Lila is up to! Let me know any mommy wisdom you have learned from others!


  5. Those pictures of Lila smiling with her little tongue sticking out CRACK ME UP!

  6. If Lila had a Facebook page, I would also be a fan. And I would like an "I heart breastfeeding" shirt also. Creepy or not.

  7. I love this post! Lila is just too precious.

    I enjoy how much YOU have learned and will continue to learn with Lila...seriously what a wonderful time experiencing all this new stuff with her, "mistakes" and all!

    And how cute is Aubrey?! She is growing up SO fast. I am sure she will have plenty to show Lila when they get older :)

    P.S. She was a very good burper, I was impressed ;)

  8. Love the pics with the cousins! Absolutely adorable...


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