Lila Lunes: 3 months old still...

9/27/2009 11:05:00 PM
The epitome of chillin'. I mean, her legs are even crossed.

So, I keep trying to limit the number of photos I include in these here updates, but I just can't. I apologize. I hope your finger doesn't tire from the scrolling.

Q. What's Lila up to this week?
A. I am not kidding you, I love being Lila's mommy. She is changing This week she really upped the ante on her babbling. In fact, she's started to sing herself to sleep, and of course she babbles to her Daddy quite frequently.

Here's a sneak peek:

She's also started actually facing OUT in her Baby Bjorn (she can hold her head up better) and she's definitely giggling and developing her cute little personality.

So far, she's a keeper.

Q. What has Lila discovered this week?
A. She likes to bite her lips. She just figured this out. And, of course - she LOVES to suck on her hands. I hope she grows out of that before kindergarten.

Alrighty, it's kind of a late night and I'm tired - so on to the pictures. :)


I can't lie. I really want her to love this monkey. I bought it for her before she was born and I sort of love it. And I named it Mel, short for Melvin. (The name of my first cabbage patch kid.)

It appears that she's starting to love him.

Three-month-old babies still sleep quite often.

They smile a lot, too.

I love this face. It's the... I' BIG face.

Like I said: she sleeps a lot.

This face kind of cracked me up. I'd like to call it her, "What you talkin' about, Willis?" face.

Kinda weird coloring in the photo, but how cute. She looks like a little denim-wearing constable from Mary Poppins.

Here's Lila hanging out with her cousins Bella and Chloe on Sunday night. Awww...

And here's Bella saying, "honk" when she touches Lila's nose. (hee hee)

For the grand finale, Lila recived the CUTEST swimsuit from her Tia A. and Tio. T. here in Cabo. HOW.CUTE. IS. THIS?

And, here's a full-body shot.

Ok, everyone have a great week.

Wear your sunscreen.


  1. I enjoyed the Lila singing this morning. Perfect way to start the week! And that bathing suit is... hilarious. Sending love and fall leaves to Cabo! -kat

  2. LOVE the bathing suit. And all the pics for that matter. She is looking quite old these days. Don't rub in the fact that we no longer need sunscreen in chilly Ohio. :(

  3. First... LOVE the video & interesting to finally put a voice to C.
    Second... I LOVE THE MONKEY'S NAME!!! I mean Mel... I know it is short for Melvin, but I'm cool with Mel regardless of what it's short for. :)

    You have a gorgeous little baby girl and I love watching her grown.

  4. Sister, the first shot is a portrait. wow!

  5. Amazing! she IS having a conversation with Craig!!...and of course I love the bikini pics ;)

  6. That was the sweetest conversation between her and Craig! I can't get over it! Please never apologize for too many pics of Lila, there is no such thing as too many pics of her!She just gets more and more sweet, beautiful and full of personality every time we get an update- I am so happy for you!

  7. Lila singing is so amazing! I love it. I also love the giggling. Thank you for posting VIDEO as well as pictures. My finger will never be tired of scrolling!

    HONK also made me laugh really hard.

  8. I love the monkey! Jude has a monkey blanket that I'm also hoping he loves as much as I do. And that bathing suit- hilarious!

  9. Love the swimsuit! So cute! (As are all the other pictures, of course, but that's my fav.)

  10. I love her many many expressions, too funny! And the bathing suit - Awesome

    (How old is Bella now, she is just growing up so fast! She is a doll)


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