I'm inspired.

9/17/2009 08:37:00 PM
Here's the deal: I have a lot of everything and I really don't need anything. Ok, I need somethings but not everything.

Explanation for that statement below:

I was looking at my hair products - I have a TON. How many different styling aids do I need? I have ONE head.

I look in my fridge, I have FOUR different flavors of jelly (grape, strawberry, raspberry and cherry), plus I have another jar of raspberry waiting in the pantry for just in case. Do I really need FOUR flavors of jelly at any given time?

I look at my basket of un-read magazines next to the couch. Do I really plan on reading the July 2009 Shape magazine? (Come on, I was one month post-partem. As if I cared to read that.)

I look at my shoe closet... Ok, well. That's fine. :) (And no, it's really not organized. I was pregnant and couldn't bend down. Then I had a newborn and was just sleepy. I have no excuse now, I suppose.)

Seriously, though - I've put myself on a temporary buying freeze. A hold. I've made it a personal campaign.

I've named it:

"Use it up, Girl!"

(Inspired by the "Get in Shape, Girl!" workout gear popular in the 80's.)

So, I'm saying it here. On this blog. You can hold me accountable.

I will NOT buy any more hair products until I USE up the ones I have.
Nor will I buy any more condiments until I actually USE the ones in my fridge.
I need NO more lotion, I mean I have 15 half-full bottles.

I'm tired of consuming. I'm tired of constantly buying and stocking up. It's the Costco/Sam's Club letdown.

What am I preparing for? Who knows, but thank GOODNESS I have 50 singularly-wrapped rolls of toilet paper waiting in the wings.

Nope. I'm going to take it day by day from here on out.

I'm serious.

"Use it up, Girl!"

The only thing that may have the power to sway me is shoes. And in all of my naked and raw honesty I can safely say (hear me on this!), I really don't need any more shoes right now.*

*Notice I qualified that with, "right now." I'm not a stupid girl.

So. No more buying stuff I don't need.
Nope, I'm consciously asking myself when I'm out and about, "Do I really NEED that?"

I can, however, buy stuff for Lila. If and only if she needs it. (Next on the list is a jumperoo.)

Ok. So, do you care to join me?

"Use it up, Girl!" (Or boy.)


  1. i think that's a wonderful idea! :)

    i put myself on a buying freeze (for non-essential things) back in july when i stopped working. i haven't bought anything really - except a few books. no new clothes, no shoes, no makeup, nothing fun.

  2. The jumperoo will be one of the best purchases you've ever made.

  3. Honestly, I've had the same mantra for about a year now (sometimes I fail but I try)...it's amazing how much space you save, not to mention money...lol! It's also forced me to really figure out my favorites. You go!

  4. Alright, I'm in. I'll probably have some different variations of this same plan, and i'll post on my blog about it.
    we can DO THIS.
    p.s. - that get in shape girl picture totally took me back to 2nd grade. i mean, in a really REAL way. so odd.

  5. In it with you, Sister. Although I did buy Clo a pair of bright yellow Doc Martens last night...but those are VERY likely a basic requirement.

    I have 8 types of salad dressing. 4 jars of peanut butter, COUNTLESS boxes of pudding and about 6 gajillion packets of seeds (need some? This can help with your quit buying kick and you certainly have the yard for a cool garden.)

    Good job on starting this!

    (the code word today is repress, ironic)

  6. I TOTALLY agree with you on this and I am in!

    This works well with my current state of de-cluttering my life. I just posted a blog this past week about all the stuff I am in the process of just getting rid of. We have too much stuff...it is ridiculous. I have gotten rid of alot of clothes, 29 pairs of shoes, magazines, and a bunch of just random papers. Tomorrow I am cleaning out our fridge and the cabinets and getting rid of things we don't need. Each week I go after one new area in the house and just see what we have, what we need, what we don't need.

    I think today we just have too many options for everything and therefore we just keep buying and trying it all. Which would totally explain why we have 9 half used bottles of shampoo and/or conditioner in our shower!

  7. I love it! Keep us posted on your progress! I cannot join you since I am in a newish house I still need things so I cannot be in a buying freeze.


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