I have a squirrel shirt. And so should you.

9/18/2009 11:05:00 PM
It was $16.90 at Forever 21.
See here.
Yes, I know that I'm not forever 21.
I'm actually 30.


  1. If your readers are going to follow your "Use it Up" campaign, I'm not sure they need it.

    You do look great in your squirrel shirt.

  2. cute cute, i want one! but i avoid going in the scary store at all costs.

  3. Grumbles, I am on your page. I don't even like walking BY it in the mall.

    I bet it looks cute on you Ky.

  4. I prefer to call this place Forever 31. I just add an extra "X" and tell myself that it's ok to go there if I need one cute, trendy, cheap item.


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