Good things.

9/22/2009 11:05:00 PM
1. I'm squirrely about nutella. I adore it.
2. Yesterday was my first day back at the office and I felt like "me" again. It was great.
3. Yesterday when I got home from work and picked up my Cupcake I felt like the "new" me. It was great, too.

Yay for employment. Yay for my Cupcake. Yay for Nutella.
Life is good.


  1. nutella is the best! IHOP has nutella crepes with slices of banana in it, topped with strawberries. It's to DIE for!

  2. yay for Nutella. i ate it on an apple yesterday. ;) that was actually really good.

    so glad you had a good 1st day back at the office.

  3. I had a croissant with nutella every day we were in Italy. I love the stuff!

  4. Amazing! I got a taste of this while in Germany!

  5. I make crepes w/ strawberries, bananas, blueberries and nutella. Oh yum.....

    Good for you for feeling like yourself and being back to work. I totally needed that w/ my first (but didn't get it due to other circumstances) and didn't feel like myself for about 1 1/2 years!!!!!


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