GOOD for them.
Alternate Title: I love the Duggars

9/01/2009 05:47:00 PM

Did you hear?
Michelle and Jim Bob are expecting baby number 19.

I tell you what - I love Michelle Duggar. She's quality people. She and Jim Bob raise happy, well-adjusted, sweet, conscientious and kind children.

If you ask me - the world needs more Duggars. Ok, maybe not a TON more Duggars - but more people like the Duggars.

Does it matter that they still have their last baby's birth announcement from just 8 months ago still on their website? Nope. (See here.) I'll say it again: Bring on the newest Duggar.

I love this quote:
"So she took a pregnancy test. "And lo and behold, I was just pleasantly surprised that this was positive," Duggar said Tuesday. "I was just jumping up and down going, 'Thank you, Lord. Here am I — 42, thinking my baby days are over — and you've blessed us with another one.'"
Good for you, Mrs. Duggar. Good for you.

I wish everyone looked at the birth of a child as the blessing it is.

Article here.

Way to rock out your 19th, Michelle. I'm pulling for 20.

Oh yeah, they're "soliciting more J names", too.

My suggestions:

Jaleel (as in Steve Urkel (Jaleel White)
Jermaine (as in Jackson)
Jupiter (as in the planet)

Your suggestions?


  1. Joleen
    Jemima (as in Aunt...)

  2. All I gotta say is she mentioned she had morning sickness. Again. With #19. Since I've gone through many a morning sickness myself, all I gotta say is "no thank you." If I had to do morning sickness 19 times, I'd just be jumping off the nearest building.

    That lady is just a saint. She amazes me.

    I don't know the names of their other kids, but my votes are:
    Jael (said "Jay-el")
    (I have friend's kids by these names and I think they are cool and unique)

  3. I have seen the show a few times and it does seem like they have done a good job raising their kids to have strong morals and be good people (even if they do seem to be a little sheltered from the world) and if having that many kids works for them and they are ALL happy then I who am I to say it is wrong.

    I guess I just don't get having that many kids. I think your biggest responsibility is being able to provide for your kids and make sure they are taken care of, and they must be able to do that.....hopefully financially it isn't all through the show. It also seems like you wouldn't have time to spend with each child one on one, no matter how hard you try.

    And here is a question (and it has to be said) are they TRYING to have kids or is their sex life just that active and are they that in love that they can't stay off of each other?! And when do they find time to be alone?!?

    And wouldn't it be just a little weird if you were pregnant the same time your mother or mother-in-law was?!?! I think it would be.

    However, congrats to them :)

  4. I also vote for Joaquin, as it means Raised by Yahweh. I am currently overly obsessed with the meanings of names. But I do also like Jemima.

  5. had a survey yesterday in which you could vote on some names. One of the choices was

    Jay-Z Duggar.

    Sigh. How ludicris. (no pun intended)

  6. I'm sorry, but my lady parts hurt just thinking about that many kids. I had NOT heard of this couple.

  7. Just (as in Just stop having babies)

    no Just kidding.


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