Ferg Friday

9/11/2009 12:00:00 PM

Ferg got a haircut at Petco while we were in Ohio. In fact, she got, "the works". (Essentially, this means they brushed her teeth.) She was exhausted when I picked her up. As you can plainly see...

It's tough being The Ferg.

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  1. Seriously Ferg- what is up, you look so worn out! Well, Iguess spending a night or two with all the kids/balloons/relatives- then a full-blown salon day, it IS quite traumatizing! Love you Ferg, I hope you don't hold our last encounter against us???!!! :)

  2. She's gorgeous.

    I'm also really sad that I didn't get to see you whilst you were visiting.

    I'm sad. *sigh*


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