Dear Nicole Richie and her husband.
(You knew this post was coming.)

9/09/2009 09:53:00 PM
Nichole Richie and that Madden boy had their second baby. They named him Sparrow James Midnight Madden.

Heavy sigh.

The name, "Sparrow" doesn't scream manly.

In fact, it actually screams, "I'm-a-wuss-beat-me-up."

Why didn't you just name him, "Fluffy Bunny James Midnight Madden."

I'm going to go ahead and submit my vote:

Please call him by his middle name: James.


Celebrities shouldn't be able to talk about their political views OR name their own children. They're clearly not fit.


  1. HAHAHAHA, Fluffy Bunny!! I love it.

    You are SO right on this, that is not a manly name for a boy and celebrities should not be naming their kids....or at the least there should be a board of people in their right minds that approve the names.

    (P.S. I love the name James)

  2. "Fluffy Bunny" - mind if I take that?

    I could never call my kid Sparrow withough laughing my ass off at how silly I sound saying it.

    I'm choosing to believe that the baby's name really is James - which is a great name - and she is just telling the media that it's Sparrow... ahahahha! Sparrow.

  3. when i saw mickey post about this on twitter i though, huh... sparrow... that's an ok name FOR A GIRL.

    then later i found out he isn't a girl.

    boo these people.

  4. That name is awful. It reminds me of the show The Pickup Artist on MTV...Mystery. Some day, little Sparrow can be just as douchey as that guy. Oh wait, did I just admit that I watched that show. ;)

    Love the name James though.

  5. I would totally use the name Sparrow..... IF I put Jack in front of it! ;)


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