Conversation with my husband tonight

(Keep in mind, we're in the States. With access to a whole BUNCH of [terrible for you] restaurants.)

Me: (Out of the blue, of course.) I'm going to need 106 timbits stat. (Timbits are doughnut holes available at Tim Horton's restaurant. They're gifts from God. See above.)

C: Yeah, I think you actually need to call ahead to order that many.

A few minutes later.

Me: Yeah, I called ahead. They've got the 106 ready.

C: silence.

Me: Ok, I'll settle for 24.


Guess whose husband went and got me a pack of 20 timbits at 8:30 p.m.?


I love him.

That poor man. He cant' win for losin'. He went and got me the doughnuts and will more than likely be forced to listen to me complain about my last 6 pregnancy pounds tomorrow.


  1. I. Love. Timbits. They are like little succulent bits of heaven, little tasty morsels that just make your day 100 times better. You need to smuggle a couple of boxes back to Mexico!

  2. What a good man C. is!

    I love timbits as well. I have brought donuts and timbits from Tim Hortons into work every so often and it is funny how people are with them.

    People will not always eat a whole donut, because they are trying to watch their weight or something so the whole donuts are the last things to go....but you will notice people grabbing a bunch of timbits or everytime they go past the timbits they will eat one - adding up to way more than what one donut would have been. It is hilarious because people do not take into account how flipp'n addicting timbits are!!


  3. Love it! I just wish we had one in our town... I love those things and their coffee!

    Glad he went and got them for you!

  4. That looks like a lot more than 20.

  5. (As much as I wished that was my box of timbits - that was just a found google image. ;)

  6. i might be willing to suggest that those last 6 pregnancy pounds could very well be in your breasts and therefore have no need to disappear!!! There- problem solved, enjoy your timbits sans guilt!!!


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