Yet another strike against cats.

8/10/2009 11:05:00 PM
I recently saw commercials on TV for Fancy Feasts' appetizers for cats.

Come on.

Care to know just some of the flavors?
  • Sea bass and shrimp in a delicate broth with Long Grain rice and garden greens
  • Steamed tilapia in a delicate broth
  • Steamed wild Alaskan salmon primavera in a classic sauce with garden veggies and greens
First off - it terrifies me to know what the "delicate broth" consists of.

Secondly - this is precisely why cats have a bad name. This is why people think they're snobby. They require delicate broths and long grain rice. And appetizers.

Finally - I think these cats are eating better than I am.

That's all.

(More info here.)


  1. ew.

    as a cat owner, i can tell you cat will not eat this stuff. she doesn't like 'soft' canned food.

    but really...appetizers for cats? c'mon. that's just crazy.

  2. HAHAHA! As a person who owns cats and LOVES my cats I would not buy this for my cats - EVER. You know how expensive these are?! It is ridiculous. We give our cats wet food only once a week, and when we do it is the 48cent can, and they share it :)

    I wouldn't blame the cats as much as I would blame some cat owners and the people who make this stuff knowing full well that there are cat owners who will pay $3 for a small can of fancy CAT food!

    I mean, I caught my cat drinking out of the toilet last night and my other cat hunted down a moth, centipede, and spider (that we have seen) in the last few weeks and ate them. So, I guess I am saying cats are not that picky, their crazy owners are!!

  3. Cats shouldn't get a bad name from this because they don't really NEED this stuff. It's just another ridiculous marketing ploy to get people to waste their money on their pets. My cat would never eat this stuff either.

  4. "They require delicate broths and long grain rice. And appetizers."

    i can HEAR you saying this! i laughed so hard.

  5. (It makes me laugh that all of you cat people are all, "My cat would never eat those..."


  6. This is more for the I-show-my-cats-and-they've-won-awards-and-Princess-even-has-her-own-daybed-and-is-fed-with-a-silver-spoon people. It has to be! Otherwise, people are out of their everloving minds!


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