Yep, my life isn't the only thing that's changed...

8/04/2009 11:05:00 PM
So has my work-from-home desk. (Pardon the blackberry pic.)

I was sitting in my office chair burping Lila and happened to catch a glance at my desk and smiled.

Yep there are some items that weren't there say, about six weeks ago:
  • An Itzbeen timer that helps me remember when to feed and diaper my child
  • Lila's video monitor remote
  • Lila's crack: mylicon gas drops
  • A purple pacifier
Ah, how life has changed.

And yep. My work station is always this disheveled. And this is a good day.


  1. ah, mylicon....the miracle OTC drug for babies bellies....gotta love that stuff!

    i still LOVE the itzbeen .... wish they had those when my girls were babies.

  2. LOVE IT! What a great mommy desk :)


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