Taking a breather

8/25/2009 06:03:00 AM

I believe this says it all.
We're taking a break...

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  1. Aw, Indeed it does my friend :)

    Glad you had a safe trip!!

  2. I hope hope hope you take this BREAK and do WHATEVER you want. People can have that day to come see you guys, and then the rest is yours.

  3. absolutely agree with Athena Bee!!! Take it!

  4. Love it. She should have one that says "Will look adorable for food!"

  5. Oh that is way too cute!!! Yes, this is your time to relax, enjoy showing off your sweet little bundle! I can't wait to meet her (oh, and see you guys too, haha, j/k, of course we can't wait to see all of you). Offer still stands, we can come to you if you just want to veg, totally up to you. LOL

  6. YAY! I got to see LA LA LA LILA! in person :)


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