Project Runway: Red Carpet Challenge

8/22/2009 01:41:00 PM

I'm nervous. Whenever a new season of Project Runway starts I become fearful of the next crop of designers that may (or hopefully not) shape the future of fashion. At this stage in the game, Mitchell's "style" terrifies me. As does Qristyl's.

First thought: What? This Johnny-fella? You're not even half way through the first day and you're already crying? Huh? What?

Runway thoughts:

Guest judge: Lindsay Lohan. (UGH. Who cares. Blech.)

(My thoughts while watching the show.)

Althea - Old-hollywood dress was cute.
Gordana - Like that turquoise dress.
Melvin - Ew.
Mitchell - WHAT? A sheer garment. Nice. Nice and inappropriate.
Louise - The two-toned dress was kind of cool.
Christopher - I liked it a LOT. I think it's the one dress that I'd wear.
Ra'mon - Too much going on with the dress. Not a fan.
Shirin - SATIN looks terrible all the time.
Epperson - Loved Epperson's dress. Fun.
Irina - Gorgeous drape of her dress. Gorgeous.
Ari - She's the female, "Santino" of the group. (And I think Lindsay Lohan was giving her the eye.) I'm over her. Go home.
Johnny - Blech. It looked like a dance costume.
Carol Hannah - Fun.
Qristyl - t.a.c.k.y. (Michael Kors said that her dress looked, "schizophrenic.)
Logan - (His model had an unfortunate walk) - nice dress, though.
Nicolas - Nice. Whatever. Boring.

The one dress that I, personally would have worn minus one layer of ruffles: Christopher's.

(I totally called it. Let's her it for the mid-westerners.)

P.S. I'm probably not going to watch, "Models of the Runway." As if I care.


  1. yay! your "PR" post!!! [i was eagerly awaiting this!].

    yes, Johnny is a bit too needy and emotional. he'll be sent home next.

    Lindsay Lohan? What the...?? gah.

    i really like Epperson and his dress was cool too. also liked Christopher's dress.

    And Ari??? All i can say is: UGH. i loved the comments the judges made about her in their 'deliberation'.

  2. I never remember when it's on, so I always catch the marathons. I'm lazy like that.

    When are you Toodley-doo? Call me! 419-902-8680

  3. I was only thankful to see "Models of the Runway" because I'm so curious what the deal is when they "just don't show up for their fitting." Now I can finally (hopefully) find out what that great mystery is.

  4. I agree with Quiet Oasis, how can you be a "struggling up and coming model" and somehow land a spot on PR, then just not show up and apparently no one has a clue as to what has happened to you? Hmm..

  5. YAY!!

    Althea – just ok, didn’t like that color, maybe a little darker.

    Ari – Um, really. “I don’t sketch, I just stand on my head.” Glad she is gone.

    Carol – the idea was cute but something was missing.

    Christopher – LOVED IT. As soon as my sister and I saw it we both thought it was awesome.

    Epperson – Loved the color, didn’t like the scarf but thought overall it was cute. (I like him)

    Gordana – Didn’t know what was up with the top of the dress. Way too low on top.

    Irina – liked it, don’t think the color looked right on her model.

    Johnny – blech

    Logan – Just ok.

    Louise – I thought it was cute, I want to see some of her other things!

    Malvin – way too simple for your first challenge. He needs to go next week. (can we say wants to be another Christian?!)

    Mitchell – No comment. Even with his original idea, it just looked too old. Not old = classic; old = ancient and never should wear again.

    Nicolas – Just ok.

    Qristyl – Not a fan of the dress, but there is something about her I like. Her personality, smile. I want to see what else she does.

    Ra’mon – Didn’t like. Looked messy

    Shirin – I agree about the satin, but Um How CLEVER was that wrap thing on the dress that fell down to be part of the dress?!?! K & I had to rewind it to see if we had seen that right. Very clever. Like her.


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