Project Runway: All-star Olympic Challenge Recap

8/20/2009 11:05:00 PM

I think Uli should have won.

I was so disappointed in Santino's clothes. They were pervy.

What happened to Sweet Pea? Where did her rocker-edge go? It seems her point of view has really shifted.

Mychael didn't deserve to be there.

Korto did so well. So well.

Daniel's was gross. I was bummed he won.


  1. I didn't watch the season when Santino was on....has he always been the obnoxious? He seems to be an awful person. I'm glad he lost. Again.

    I loved Korto's clothes. I wish she would've won.

    Daniel..ugh. What did they see in his clothes that = $100K? Horrid.

  2. Ditto

    I adored Uli's collection. I thought her "restaurant" dress was by far the least junky looking dress (Korto's a very close second).

    There is not one think I liked about Daniel's. And the no-bra thing bothered me too.

  3. I agree, I think Uli should have won, I can't believe she wasn't even in the top.

    Korto's clothes are so great.

    Has Santino always been THAT annoying, I think he played it up for the cameras. And his clothes sucked.

    Sweat Pea & Daniel's stuff was just OK. I mean I love Daniel, but I just didn't get the outfits....especially the challenge one, it looked like she was a suicide bomber.

    Mychael shouldn't have been there, he already won.


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