One of the best. I love Mad Men.

8/17/2009 04:03:00 PM
That's my Mad Men avatar above. That's me with the red purse.
And the cigarette and martini glass.

I love Mad Men.

I love watching with very short-commercial interruptions.

I love Don Draper.
I adore Roger Sterling. (As in, I think he's hot. And I think C. is going to look like him when he gets older.)
Peggy makes me happy that I'm a girl.
Peter Campbell makes me violent. I just want to back-hand him.
Joan Holloway is and her body defies everything: gravity, imagination...
Sal Romano - I just like him. I hope he comes to terms with who he is.

There's just something about this era that I adore - maybe because it was before political correctness. Yep - bring on the great clothes, blissful ignorance, pointy boobs, fabulous music, drinkin' at work and the sexual harassment, baby.

I am in.

Mad Men yourself here.


  1. love it!

    i can't wait to watch last night's episode ... tonight.

    thank goodness for tivo. :)

  2. (don't shoot me...)

    I've seen so many people talking/writing about this "Mad Men" and honestly, I have NO CLUE what it is.

    I guess I watch that little of TV - except for sports.

    call me weird, I guess.

  3. after watching the 1st ep of the season, i have to agree with your character assessments.

    i wanted to slap peter. what a whiny little brat.

    always loved roger sterling. he's one fine man.

  4. Such a great show! Love the avatar!

    I cannot stand Pete the Weasel. I don't know what that actor is like is real life, but he's fantastic at playing the sniveling weasel.

    What a different time it was back then. I'd have to work from home though, I couldn't stand the smoke all day.

  5. Sarah, I am with you....I have heard of the show through people talking about how good it is but I have no idea what the show is even about. I just haven't had an interest in watching it, which is good for you because it seems the shows I really get interested in and love get cancelled after a season or two. So this show should be around for awhile since I have not watched it yet :)

    PS your avatar is fabulous

  6. I missed the first season and have been cursing myself ever since. I need a Mad Men marathon to catch up (or just get all the seasons on Netflix)! SO many people have told me to watch this. Grr.


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