Lila Lunes: She's 10 weeks old!

"I'm sooooo big!"

Oh boy, it's been quite a week! It's a short update today - we're tired. So, we'll be heavy on the pics and light on the writing.

Q. How did Lila do on her airplane ride?
A. She was GREAT! Apparently the trick to helping newborns with their ear-popping is to feed them or give them a pacifier when taking off and landing. It worked for Lila! Seriously, she was great. The Baby Bjorn was a lifesaver, too. Here she is smiling in her travel outfit.

Q. How has she liked Ohio?
A. She's loving it! She's been such a trooper as we traipse her all over T-town. (Thank GOODNESS that my brother let's us stay at his place - it's been SO amazing and Lila loves it.) And, I adore dressing The Cupcake in leggings and long sleeves. Um. CUTE.

I absolutely love being Lila's mommy.
I love it.
I love it.

Q. What's going on with Miss Lila this week?
A. She's smiling, smiling, smiling... (She's almost laughing, too!) In fact, we love mornings because we wake up to this:

This would be Ferg kissing her sister good morning.

Lila has met upwards of 50 people so far. (No kidding.) She's doing so well. She's loved meeting her cousin, Micah. (He's 17 mos. old).

How sweet is that?

Kinda blurry, but still cute.

She's even met her Dad's cousins' children. They would be Lila's cousins, too right?
This cupcake was from cousin A.! THANK YOU!
(I ate it. It was great. I actually inhaled it.)

Helping feeding!

Everyone gets a turn!

Ah, gazing at Lila. :)

Lila LOVES napping. She loves waking up AFTER a nap that much more.
(I wish I woke up that happy.)

There's really so much to smile about.

Sometimes you just need to crash. Next to your dog.

Please don't wake me up yet. I need a minute.

I'm not kidding. She's been smiling all the time.

We hung out at C.'s cousin's house the other night and Lila had a great time just lounging on her Dad.

Of course, she was smiling in her sleep.

I think yawns are so cute.

And we couldn't resist trying these on her.

I just love this face.

My precious La-la-la-Lila.

Ok, so it may have only been 10 weeks that she's been in my life, but I tell you what it's been life-changing.

"From the very first moment I beheld her, my heart was irrevocably hers."

Have a good one. I'm certain Lila will.


  1. I Love her, and haven't even met her yet. :)

  2. she seriously get cuter every week!

  3. I love having you all here. I think you know how much her Uncle Lou loves her.

    - I think the very first picture looks like you.
    - The incognito glasses made me laugh really hard.
    - She doesn't seem to agree with you about the leggings, but you know her better than I do I s'pose...

  4. Such cute pics!!!! Thanks for posting and have a great time in Toledo! :)

  5. I believe that when you are happy, your kids are happy. She knows that she is the product of a very happy couple, so why not smile about it? :)

  6. Oh, and that Micah is a CUTE ONE!

  7. I love how happy she is! Look at that smile, she is too cute!

    And I love all the pics with her cousins/family, I am glad she is having fun being cute infront of her family!

    I must also say that she has some of the cutest clothes, that Lila has good taste :)

  8. Love the travel outfit. Everyone needs a hat like that :)!

  9. I like the one where it looks like she is flexing.


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