Lila Lunes: It's a milestone - 2 months old.
Alternate Title: We made it!

8/16/2009 11:05:00 PM
Lila's 8 weeks old! It was an eventful week (as always.) She had several AMAZING days in a row AND proceeded to sleep 7.5 hours in one stretch (without waking up once!) on the night before my birthday. It was amazing.

Q. How was the week?
A. Um, super great. Little Miss Lila is changing daily. She no longer looks like a newborn - but has morphed into an [uber cute] peanut of a baby.

Q. What is Lila doing this week?
A. Smiling all the time - almost laughing. And, she now has tears! (Babies don't produce tears when they're first born.) It was a semi-conflicting moment when I saw the tears. It was like, "OH! Awesome! She's got tears! Er... wait...maybe I should get her to stop crying..."

Q. So, on a daily basis - what does Lila love the most?
A. Waking up in the morning. She LOVES the morning. She's most smiley then. (Ironic since I hate mornings.)

Q. What does Lila dislike the most?
A. Um, this is easy - those nose aspirator things. She hates them. Can't really say that I blame her...
Q. What's been your favorite thing this week?
A. Two things. First, we discovered that when we say to Lila, "You have such pretty hair!" she smiles. Every time. I love it.

Next, her swimsuit. I tried it on her and had to leave it on her for the entire afternoon since it was so cute.

On to products I love:

My aunt bought Lila this patemm pad and I adore it.

It's a laminated cotten, ROUND changing pad that is so versatile. Why is it great? You can stuff a couple of diapers, wipes and a change of clothes in the inner pockets and then fold it up! No need for a diaper bag. (It has a handle, too!) Or, you can use it in NASTY places that don't have diaper changers. It's ROUND so you don't have to try to keep you baby lying straight on a small rectangular pad. (That's always tough.) It's waterproof and it's good for baby-naked-time. We're looking forward to using it at the beach with Lila, too. Oh, and you can re-fold it up with one hand. Love it.

These little things are available here.

Moving on to the pictures. There's a bunch this week.

Here's little Miss Lila and her sister hanging out in the morning.

Ah, look! "Grandma's little doll" is somewhat... un-doll-ish.
(She's totally screaming in that shot.)

More smiling.

More hanging out with The Ferg.

So Lila fell asleep in the sling while I was carrying her. I then put her on the couch so she could sleep. Um, cute.

She woke up, then I moved her to the chair.

Did I take her out of the sling? No.
I took a picture.

Next, Ferg actually said to me, "OK. ENOUGH taking PICTURES of HER. Could YOU PLEASE TAKE A PICTURE OF ME."
So she stepped in front of her and sat down and waited for me to take a picture.

On Saturday night we went out for my birthday.
This is Lila's birthday outfit. (As given to her by her Aunt Anna and Aunt Sherri.)

And here's Lila and I.

And here's a necessary close-up of her socks and shoes.

And here she is passed out in her car seat after a long night out.

Finally, this past week was an exciting one for us because we finally got Lila's baby announcement out and in mailboxes in the States.

We took the pics - here's a few outtakes.

This one was the winner.

And here's La-La-La-Lila's announcement.
(Click to make larger)

*NOTE: The pics are just not that good these days. They're grainy. I think I need to get a new camera. I've dropped it one too many times. New camera next week when we're in Ohio.

So what's up for next week? Well, vaccinations and a trip to Ohio! We'll see how flying an entire day with a newborn and a dog works out for us!




  1. So cute! I love the sling pictures and of course I'm partial to the dress. :) Hope you had a fabulous evening!


  2. LOVE the dress in the top photo!

    as always....great weekly update.

    lila is so adorable.

  3. So gosh darn cute I can't stand it.

  4. I can't believe she's already 2 MONTHS old! holy crap! Everyone keeps telling me that just when you think you can't take it anymore they learn to smile and it gets a whole lot more fun, looks like that's working for you too :)

  5. She is super cute and you look GREAT!

  6. Love the Ferg being a camera hog!

    Lila is a sweetie.

  7. I love it! I really like the pictures of her in the sling.

    I have the announcement on my fridge!!

  8. I just LOVE keeping up with you and your little peanut. She is so adorable, I can't stand it! Lucky you that little Lila slept so long the night before your birthday. I remember my little man woke up 4 or 5 times the night of my birthday (and he was 3 months old!). I can't wait to meet you and Lila at Michelle's shower in a few weeks. Best wishes for safe traveling! :)

  9. Oh my gosh! Those shoes! Adorable!

  10. I will have you know that I completely believe you when you say that Ferg "actually said....." i know it to be true! :)

  11. Look at all those pictures with smiles!! So cute!

    I do feel as though Lila (from the faces she was making) looked a little self-conscious in her swimsuit, but tell her she looked totally cute and should not worry :)


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