Lila Lunes: (Formerly the Lila Lowdown)
Six weeks! (TONS of picture this week. Sorry.)

8/02/2009 11:05:00 PM
(I'm not sure what's happening with the pictures I uploaded this week to the 'ole blog. They're grainy - except when you click on them. FYI.)

My sister recently suggested I change the name of our weekly, "Lila Lowdown" to "Lila Lunes."

We have, "Ferg Friday" so it totally makes sense to have, "Lila Lunes." ("Lunes" means "Monday" in Español. It's pronounced Lou-naise.)

And, with Lila being a Mexican citizen and all... well. Decision made.

So, Lila's six weeks old!

She's such a sweetie.

Q. How is she doing?
A. GREAT! She's smiling more often, which I love. However, she's not exceedingly generous with her smiles. She truly only offers them when they're absolutely warranted.

Like when you squeal at her in a high-pitched voice and make kissy noises.

Or in her sleep.

Q. What are her favorite things to do?
A. Well, lay around.

And of course... bathing. Here she is in the tub for a mid-day bath. (Most children take baths to calm them down at the end of the night. Not our Lila. When we give her baths before bed she wigs out and is the antithesis of "relaxed".)

Q. Any big news this week?
A. YES! We are in possession of Lila's U.S. passport and U.S. birth certificate. Did it take 8 weeks? NO! Only 9 business days.

I strongly feel that it was approved so quickly solely based on the cuteness of her passport picture. Which you should look at HERE if you haven't already seen it. (It's worth it.)

**Cute story: So we truck down to the Consulate in Cabo and walk in to find two other people there in the waiting room -- a Mexican couple. I'm wearing Lila in my sling, pull her out when we get into the A/C and the couple immediately comments on how cute she is (I mean, really. She is.). Then they ask if she was born here.

We say yes.

Immediately, the Mexican fella pumps not one, but both fists in the air and says, "Alright! She's a Mexican!"


It was super-cute. Lila is indeed a Mexican.

Q. So when are we going back to Toledo?
A. We're not sure. We're figuring that out now. My aunt has also offered to have an Open House type-thing at her home for us so that we can be in one location and show Lila off.

We're actually thinking that for this Open House we'll just Macgyver a 2 ft x 2 ft acrylic box (like what you put around baseball player signed baseballs, only bigger) around Lila. With proper lighting and a rotating base, she'll be visible to all and stay germ free.

Seriously, though - we're going to do our best to see everyone - however we're going to do our best to actually make this a vacation. These Ohio trips end up usually causing me at least 3 breakdowns because we can never do or see as many people as we need to. Ah... guilt. But enough about me.

Q. What am I learning about parenthood/mommyhood?
A. I shall number these.

1. Just when you find something that works, it all changes and you have to find something else that works.
2. Babies Lila's age like their mommies. They prefer their mommies to everyone else. This is both ridiculously sweet and overwhelmingly daunting. Again, thank GOODNESS for slings.

3. Four hours of consecutive sleep is the equivalent to 9 hours of pre-Lila sleep. It's amazing. I swear, I could run a marathon on four-hours of sleep. (Well, maybe.)
4. I'm still a junior-higher and laugh despite myself when my newborn passes gas loudly.

Q. How am I doing this week?
A. I'm starting to feel normal. I can fit into some of my pre-pregnancy clothes and loved putting on my maternity jeans and seeing how big they were. I have about 7 lbs to go and have gained hips. But, the Dr. gave me the OK to start working out again, so it's on.

Most notably, I felt so good Sunday that I put on my favorite red shoes. Granted, I was wearing my night gown and it was 1 p.m. in the afternoon and I was at home and I hadn't showered yet... still, they were on. That counts for something, right?

On to the, "Product I endorse" part.

Um, you need a diaper pail that keeps all of the stink to a minimum, specifically one that doesn't require little garbage bag refills. Enter, the Diaper Champ. We've got it in pink and I love it. Even in this crazy heat we don't smell it. We change it about once a week (seriously) and it takes regular 'ole garbage bags.

About $35 at Babies R Us.


Ok, let's take a look at this week's pics.

So I've learned that babies require, "tummy time" in order to build up their neck muscles. Lila hates it but Ferg loves it.

(I'd love to say I posed them like that.)

Ferg's the best.

You'll kindly note below that I'm breaking a plethora of baby rules:
1. There's a bumper on the crib. (They'll potentially smother my child.)
2. She's sleeping on a boppy. (They're not for sleeping at ALL, according to the tag.)
3. She's sleeping IN her sling which I didn't want to take off of her lest she wake up screaming. (That's also a huge on-the-tag no-no.)
4. She's sleeping with the pink Care Bears blanket from Wrestling Kitties when she's too young to have a blanket in her crib yet.
5. She has a stuffed animal (gasp!) in her crib. Arrest me now.

Bottom line? She was sleeping.

Hanging out with her Daddy on the couch. Smirking.

Sleeping on the couch. How cute, I ask you?

And here she is closer...

And closer. (She's an angel.)

Bath time with a wash cloth on her head.

And some of the cutest bath pictures EVER. (If you ask me.)

And the BEST:

Peace out.

(P.S. I'm working on making these little updates shorter. I think they're getting FAR too long. I'm aware, I'm aware.)


  1. AWWWH!!!!She really looks like her daddy in these pictures!!!

  2. you shorten them and I'll lead a revolt. who's with me?

  3. aaaawwwwwwww..... baybeeeeeeeee!!!!

  4. Don't shorten, I love these updates and I love, love, love that last pic of Lila in the bath..xo

  5. I love Lila Lunes!!! I get a cup of joe and read all about my little mexican niece!! What a great way to start my week off! (and then I end my week with miss Ferg!!!) LOVE IT!! DON'T CHANGE A THING!!!

  6. oh my god, that last picture is soooooooo cute!!!

    no need to make these shorter, seriously

  7. See? While no one else felt the need to make threats, they're with me.

    Point made, I believe.

  8. That last picture made me smile! She's so precious!

    You keep these updates coming, no matter the length, you hear me?! We all LOVE reading them and seeing pictures!!

  9. 1). do not shorten. lengthen them please.
    2).also, these pics are GREAT! i love that The Ferg is teaching Lila EVERYTHING she knows about strengthening her neck muscles.
    3). you look freaking fabulous. seriously, those red shoes and hot legs are where the term MILF came from. just ask C. he's no fool.
    4). Love Lila Lunes - i wish i could kiss her cheeks.
    5). i was actually (just this morning) thinking about the year ahead and when i could get down there ASAP.

  10. She is adorable!

    I am pretty sure we broke all of those rules as well, except the sling we never had one. When you get them to sleep you go with it

  11. Oh. my. goodness. She's so stinkin' cute! I love these... Definitely don't shorten them:)

  12. Oh what a little puddin' she is--I love those first baby smirks and smiles--just THE best!

    Don't worry about your posts being long--it's wonderful to hear your joy at being a mommy.

    I love the pics of Ferg wit her baby sister--too darn cute.

    AND BTW--LOVING those red shoes!!

  13. I'm with athenabee! DO NOT shorten!!!! LOVE these posts!!! These are absolutely awesome pics!

  14. I LOVE HER! Those bath pics are way too cute! Blake told me he is in love!

  15. love the last pic!

    no need to shorten these posts...i'm with nadja...i'll help her lead the revolt if they get shorter! ;)

  16. OMG...last one gave me goose bumps! Makes me want to have one too...Mike won't let me:( I guess we should get married 1st.

  17. I suggest you keep Lila, and condiments, away from my wife. She WILL eat her up. I am not kidding.

    You've been warned.

  18. Oh my God! I really cannot wait to me her!

  19. Oh, great pics this week!! I love how the Ferg is having belly time with Lila, so cute! And the bath pictures are beyond adorable!! I love her and her little smirk made me laugh out loud! And I am with the others, shortening these posts is not an option :)

    Can't wait to see the B. family, hopefully your trip will be a nice vacation for you :) I think that acrylic box is a great idea..HA!

    P.S. you look amazing, and great shoes.

  20. Um, cute. Nice post. :)

    AND... I LOVE that you used "Macgyver" as verb.

  21. LOVE the bath pics...especially the last one! Thanks for letting me have my monday fix:) Have a great day!


  22. Hi there. Love the update...Lila is just precious.
    ps. Out east and down south they call gatherings to meet the baby a "sip and see". Thats cause all the ladies drink wine and oogle over the mom is still having sip and see's when I come home and Hailey is one...They are nerve wracking at first so I can relate!!!

  23. Echoing others' comments about length of blog (longer please, not shorter!), you (looking amazing -- go on with your mommy self) and Lalala-Lila (adorable photogenic MUFFIN). Love you, love the blog, love Lila, love Ferg, love C -- love it all. Don't change a thing. Can't wait to see you when you're in O-H-I-O. :)


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