Lila Lunes: The babe's 9 weeks old.
(Where does the time go?)

As you read this, my little Lila is embarking on her first out-of-utero flights from her homeland to the U.S. of A.

The first flight takes of at 8:35 a.m. from Cabo and we arrive in DTW around 8 p.m.

Watch out Toledo - this is one.cute.kid.

Moving on.

Q. What was the theme of the week?
A. Um... smiling. We have a smiler on our hands and we LOVE it. It's great.

Q. So how's the Cupcake?
A. Superb. She had a Dr.'s appointment on Wednesday. See? She was all smiles when we got there.

Q. How'd the appointment go?
A. Um, let's just say she's not a fan of her pediatrician. She SCREAMED (like we've never heard her before) whenever the pediatrician would go near her. (The last visit wasn't like that!) Best part? When Lupita (the Dr.) asked us, "Um, do you want to try to calm her down while I leave the room?" Translation: "THAT KID IS SCREAMING FAR TOO LOUD FOR ME EVEN TO THINK."

She has my lungs. She's just very expressive.

Q. So how much does Lila weigh?
A. ELEVEN POUNDS. (She weighed 6.5 lbs. at birth.) Um, somebody is a good eater. (Awesome.) I truly wear her weight gain like a badge of honor. YEAH for my little nursing baby. The Dr. said she was "big". I disagree. She's long.

Q. So, did you ever pierce Lila's virgin ears?
A. Funny you should ask. Here were her ears before.

And here they are after.

Q. How'd she do?
A. FINE. It was traumatic for Craig and I - but Lila did FINE. She understands that beauty is pain.

Q. How does Lila feel about tummy time?
A. Yeah. Eh - she's ok with it. For no more than 2 minutes.

But how cute are these socks? (Thank you, Tia Deb!)

I love playing dress up with this little cupcake.

Q. How's Lila's hair growing in?

A. Yeah, slowly but surely. I know she looks nearly bald in each picture - so I wanted to show you the back of her cute little peanut head. See? She has hair! (And a rat tail if you look closely at the bottom.)

Q. How is La-La-La-Lila sleeping?

A. I don't want to jinx us - but since last Sunday, she's averaged at least 6 hours of STRAIGHT sleep. We only had a few not-so-awesome nights. I love this child. Seriously, sleeping 7 hours in a row after not sleeping at ALL during the first 2 months is a GIFT from GOD. Saturday night she slept 8.5 hours. YES! You read that correctly. AWESOME.

Ok - here are some pics from the week.

Lila's peepers (eyes) are still dark blue. We're wondering if they're going to be Craig's hazel or my brown.

Here's the little lady in the a.m. with her crazy hair and her, "Really? Pictures this early in the morning?" face.

Ferg and Lila hang out all the time. Here they are before bed time.

Ferg also thinks it's her responsibility to watch her baby sister. Lila naps in her bouncy seat. Ferg stands guard.

Lila LOVES her playmat. (Thank you Tia Anabelle & Tio Tony!) Um, Ferg likes it, too.

And here are the two again. (Always remember: I never pose Ferg. She poses herself.)

I just think this one's precious. (She ALWAYS sleeps with her arms over her head.)

On Saturday night before her Daddy's birthday dinner I tried taking a photo with the Cupcake sans her pacifier. See her face? She wasn't having it. (I was laughing. She was SCREAMING.)

It worked out better once I put the pacifier BACK in.

Here's Miss Lila and her Daddy on Saturday night.

And here's our little family.

Later gators.


  1. She is just absolute perfection, really.

    Call me when you get into town (419-902-8680)

    I would LOVE to see you, if you can fit me into your busy Miss Popularity schedule :)

  2. love the purple soothie- i bought blue ones ;)

    you look great!

    enjoy your trip and good luck on the plane with the little smiling lady!

  3. I LOVED the smiley doctor pictures :)

  4. Ferg gives me hope that I will not forever have a dog who torments the kids!!!!!

  5. Love the earrings! She is precious!

  6. Love the updates. Can't wait to meet her in person!! (And of course see the rest of you ;) ).

  7. My favorite photos are the ones at the doctor's office. She is adorable!

    I'm so disappointed we won't get to see you while you are in the makes me sad.

  8. Kylee, my heart seriously MELTED when I saw those pictures of Lila smiling, particularly the one with her sticking her tongue out while she smiles and the very first picture. Just precious. And Ferg is such a great babysitter! She needs to get paid with plenty of snacks :)

    I love the family picture! (by the way you look amazing….can not even tell you had a baby 9 weeks ago)


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