Lila Lunes: 7 weeks

8/09/2009 11:05:00 PM
The wee one is 7 weeks old and judging by her double-chin, she's growing beautifully!

Q. How is Lila?
A. Um...super cute.

Q. Is she growing?
A. Yes - she's gaining weight lightening fast and is wearing her cute outfits about three times - tops. (I now understand what, "growing like a weed" means.) Advice to pregnant Moms - only take the tags off and wash the clothes/outfits that you love. That way you can return the other clothes and buy larger sizes when necessary.

Speaking of cute outfits - here's Lila wearing her, "Lila is Love" onesie that she got from Cousin Mick before she was born.

Please note her "fluffs" (slippers) from her cousin, Clo.

Q. Any challenges this week?
A. Have you ever tried to put socks on a noodle? This is the only comparison I can use for trying to put a sock on Lila's mini-foot. I swear, it takes upwards of 3 minutes per foot. :) Her foot is just loose and uber-limber.

And I'll say it - this whole parenthood thing ain't easy. Like say, when your husband's daughter just decides to scream... and scream...

(That onesie should say, "Lila is Loud.")

Q. What did you learn this week?
A. We feel that Lila looks good in blue.

Q. How am I doing?
A. I'll be honest - it could have been a better week for me. But, that's life no? Highs and lows? Thankfully it was a GREAT Lila week. I truly do adore her.

Q.How often is Lila eating and sleeping?
A. The little lady still is eating approximately every 3 hours during the day and anywhere from every 3-6 hours at night. Seriously - how do you like that gap? Some nights are awesome, some nights are less than awesome.

She's usually up for about a half an hour after she eats, then she naps again. Love that.

Q. What's your favorite thing about being a Mommy, right now?
  • Lila's random smiles. Especially when you get her out of her crib in the middle of the night and she's nearly laughing.
  • Cozy, quiet time snuggling in the chair in her room.
  • When she stares at me and just "listens" to what I have to say.
  • Lila's cheeks.
  • The baby smell after a bath.
Ok, here's my little old man, oops I mean, daughter - sitting in her bumbo seat. I love it. And I love her lack of hair on the top of her head. (She has so much in the back. I shall take a pic for next week. Sit tight.)

And another bumbo seat pic.

Somebody loves her Daddy. And somebody adores his daughter.

And, here's Ferg and Lila. Just hanging out like sisters do.

I love this look.

Here's the little lady hanging out in her bouncy seat. Do you see? Do you see? She's starting to grab at things. (She's brilliant.)

And here's our new secret tool. Since we can't take her outside (it's far too hot), we sit her in front of the window at the end of the day so she can look outside. And...she's out...

And here's mommy's cupcake suffering through yet another smattering of smooches.

'Till next week!



  1. OMG!!!! she is beyond words beautiful and sweet and 100% eatable!!! I have to say that I totally noticed her tiny creases in her thigh that I would love to pinch and yes- those cheeks! Her pics make me smile and laugh out loud! LOVE IT!!! Hang in there! Time will tell :) the "display case" might be a good idea when you come to T-town, me and my kids will be kissing her all over! :)

    Chloe- the fluffs are to die for!

  2. adorable! and yes, she looks great in blue

  3. Love the Monday updates! Thanks! Can't wait, can't wait, to meet her!

  4. yes she is super cute!

    and i still laugh when you call her your "husband's daughter" when she's yelling. that is hilarious! [and i think most moms do the same thing!]


  5. Kylee, you are lovely. I love these updates since we are so far away and can't watch her growing and changing up close and personal.

    Lila is so sweet and adorable. Hang in there! Parenting is incredibly challenging, but so rewarding too.

    I love the photo of you smooching her on the cheek. :)

  6. She just keeps getting cuter! Is that even possible?! :)

  7. *lila looks FAB in blue.
    *C.'s daughter looks to have a super powerful set of lungs!
    *i laughed really hard at the old man picture. it's TRUE! in a CUTE way.
    *can't believe that she's sitting up, but looking skillful in her Bumbo!
    *thanks for the update. totally fun.

  8. I concur, blue is her color.

    Yeah, I agree, sitting up already? And grabbing things? She is quite advanced.

  9. She does look so much older just in one week!! And I can't believe she is sitting up like that.

    I would also like to warn you that when I meet her I will most likely kiss those cute little cheeks and will be unable to stop. Seriously, how could you just not eat her up with that face?!

  10. Who got her that cute Lila is Love onsie?

  11. Too freakin' cute as always. Love the hair.

    Not that dogs = kids, but I totally call Tucker Paul's dog when he wants to go out or he is bad (which is almost never).


    Honey, your dog has to poop.

  12. Oh, and I see we have a crying picture this week. So she DOES cry? Tee hee.


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