Let's take a vote.

8/11/2009 11:05:00 PM

I would like to propose that we legally petition Webster's dictionary and the controllers of the English language to remove the letter "n" from the middle of the word, "enviroNment."

I don't think it goes.

And, I don't like typing it.

And, we really don't pronounce it.

And, while we're at it - let's change the spelling of "phone" to "fone."

All in favor?


  1. You don't pronounce that second N? I'm confused.

    However, Phone to Fone would work.

  2. I've been thinking about this all morning! And saying environment over and over again in my head.

    I've figured out that I definitely say the second N, but I don't really need the O.

  3. lol sarah...i've been saying it over and over again too (in my head).

  4. I think we need both Ns.

    Enviroment... sounds kinda ghetto.

    Er... getto? Now that H is definitely not needed!

    And, I like fone.

  5. I think I say "En-vire-ment." If I'm trying to be super correct I say the second "n," but not in casual conversation. "En-vie-ron-ment" is a little weird.

    And my verification word is "flone"! How's that for timing?

  6. I see I'm alone here.

    I guess I say it quickly and therefore say, "Envirement."

    And no, I don't say "Kinny-garten."

  7. But do you say pa-sketti? Or yo-grit for yogurt, like my brother did when he was little?

  8. As far as I'm concerned we don't need the "n". I don't think i"ve ever pronounced it.

    I'm sure soon enough we won't need the entire word as they will be no "environment" left to talk about.

  9. hmmmm....funny. just funny

  10. This cracks me up. I've checked this post SO MANY times today, because I'm still saying it over and over in my head.

    To me, it's "en-vi-ern-ment"

  11. Sarah, you are HILARIOUS! Your stream of thought on this post is quite amazing.... I also agree with you - I say it "en-vi-ern-ment."

  12. ok, after saying the word all day long at random times to quiz myself, I have come to the conclusion that I say all of the letters in the word en-viron-ment.

    I was in "Word Masters" as a child. Don't challenge my phonetic ability.

  13. I honestly don't believe ANY of you who say that they actually SAY the second "n".

    Word master or not...


  14. The Mexico influence has begun. Life should be phonetic (fonetic) like Clo simply knows.

    In your petition, please request that February be spelled properly - Febuary. Wednesday to Wendsday and let's then review homonyms as they confuse all non-English speakers as well.

    my password is Paloma....Dove in Spanish. See...It's a sign.


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