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8/04/2009 09:49:00 PM
Here I sit sipping mint tea thinking of randomness. Because that's what I do.

With randomness in mind, here are 5 random things about me. Please post yours as well - I bet they'll be pretty fun to read.

1. I used to have a gerbil named, "Darla." I went away to college and my family put her in our un-finished basement and she froze to death. (Not only did they not tell me for weeks, but they also did not give her a proper burial.)

2. I was once on a bowling team with C., our buddy B. and Iris Took and we had shirts that said, "That's the way I roll" with a bowling ball on them. I also had the coolest bowling ball in the world. See here.

3. When I was about seven years old I went to the ear, nose and throat specialist sporting my trademark bowl cut and the doctor called me a boy and kept referring to me as, "him" throughout the entire appointment. After that appointment I was promptly allowed to get my ears pierced.

4. When I was 18 I pierced my tongue to be different - just like everybody else (ah, the irony...) - and still think I talk funny today.

5. When I was a kid I was diagnosed as being, "hyperactive" and wasn't allowed to eat sugar. I had to eat the sugar substitute Equal in EVERYTHING. There was the "regular" kool-aid in the fridge, then, "Kylee's Kool-aid."


These make me smile.

Ok, your turn. Play along.


  1. I also seem to remember you bot being allowed to have anything to drink with meals, only after.

  2. I played along, on my blog.

  3. LOL about all of these. I can TOTALLY relate about being called a boy and getting your ears pierced at an early age. I love our bowling league :)

  4. 1. I believe I'm still traumatized from middle school, when they did spine/scoliosis checks... made you take off your shirts and bend over to check your back. I never had boobs, so no need for a bra... but made my mom go buy one just for this event. But when I took my shirt off, I was sure everyone knew I'd bought the training bra just for this event.

    2. I used to HATE shopping. Couldn't spend more than 45 min in a mall, w/o getting irritated. Now I could shop for days. Moms have to do SOMETHING for sanity and to get out of the house.....

    3. When I was little, I got the top of a bic pen (those little circles on top) stuck up my nose. My mom wouldn't take me to the hospital (my dad did) b/c she was so ticked off I did that. Still not sure why I did that.... but I was little....

    4. I used to be embarrassed growing up for the dark hair on my arms. I've come to terms with it since... :)

    5. I still wish I was a dancer. But I guess at 31, I'm too old for it at this point.

  5. 1. Right now I'm eating fruit that fell on the floor. I rinsed it off but there is still an alarming amount of dog hair on it, and I'm still eating it. This pretty much goes for all my food.

    2. When I was little I hit my neighbor in the face with a golf club. It was sort of an accident. In my defense, you really shouldn't stand behind a 6 year old with a huge backswing. But she was also really annoying.

    3. In our 6th grade musical (they did one every year) I was Riff from West Side Story because none of the boys could sing. We have it on tape and it's mortifying.

    4. I had never had a corn dog until I turned 17. Now I can't stop eating them.

    5. I was always picked last in gym class, ALWAYS.

  6. ok here goes:

    1. i've had 17 teeth pulled in my life...because my mouth was too small. go ahead and laugh at that. MY mouth was too small. as it is, i have 8 less adult teeth than "normal" people.

    2. i met my husband online.

    3. i converted to catholicism before i got married...

    4. ...but that does not mean i agree with many of the catholic "teachings"

    5. i have a law degree, but i am not a lawyer. go figure.

  7. FUN! I posted mine on my blog!


  8. Fun! Here's mine.

    1. I hate that "dun dun" sound at the beginning of Law & Order. I always change the channel before it gets there... or Paul does it for me because he knows I hate it.

    2. When I was five I tripped and hit my mouth on a cement step. Consequently, my front tooth turned gray and stayed that way until it fell out (it was a baby tooth, thank goodness).

    3. (I like the grumbles school play one... and it reminded me...) When I was in 3rd grade I played Mary in the Christmas play at school. When I took baby Jesus from Joseph and said my lines, everyone in the audience started laughing. Later I found out it was because I grabbed baby Jesus by the head. LOL.

    4. When I was younger, I used to make art all the time... but now that I have an art job, I NEVER do it on my free time.

    5. I like to watch documentaries about drugs, jail, gangs, criminals... etc. I think they are totally fascinating.

  9. 1. Being in Ky's blog just made my day! I miss the bowling league!

    2. When I was little I was referred to as twig Lig, on account of being super skinny. My big bro was big Lig (I think he got the name from his baseball team, not that he was overly big). We subsequently gave the dog the name pig Lig, on account of her massive eating habits and round shape.

    3. I met my wife after Freshman year in high school, and I knew she would be my wife when I met her, even though we lived in different cities. We lost touch for about 5 years, but then...we got married 2+ years ago (14 years after we first met.)

    4. My favorite vacation spot in the whole world is Clarklake, Michigan.

    5. Our dog, Champ, is the bestest dog ever! I realize that this is only my opinion and I am sure everyone out there with a dog will disagree with me.

  10. Here we go......

    1. I was the speed skating state champion when I was younger. Yep!

    2. When I was 16 my now bro-in-law ran me over in a ford astro van. I was stuck under it and pretty messed up but all was well. Lou still doesn't like talking about it.

    3. When I was little I had a high pitch voice and was constantly told to be quiet. It was embarrassing.

    4. I started shaving in the 6th grade. Thanks Craig family.

    5. I'm madly in love with my wife. She is my best friend and a wonder mother. I couldn't ask for better.

  11. Nice Craig! I can't imagine you with a high-pitched voice!

  12. Yay, randomness!

    1. I have a scar on my knee -- it's there because I was playing with a hand-crank drill (not a power drill) when I was seven and...apparently didn't notice I was DRILLING INTO MY LEG. Oops.

    2. My middle name starts with a "G," and my maiden name started with an "M." In kindergarten, there was another "Shannon M," so I became "Shannon G." Some of my kindergarten classmates' parents (who I still see from time to time) still call me Shannon G. It makes me feel five years old.

    3. I remember best the "lists" of things that were set to music when I learned them. For example, a song in our elementary school musical listed all the presidents in order, a church program did the same with the Ten Commandments, and my grandma just made up a random tune to help me learn the books of the New Testament. I can still sing them all to you today. Woohoo!

    4. I've had many dogs in my life, but none that I love more fervently than the two I have now. Bubba and Murray -- yeaaah!

    5. When we were about 6 or 7, my friend Pam and I used to have "imaginary animals." Not imaginary friends, "animals." We wrote down all their names on notebook paper and carried the lists with us and talked about the names and then made up more names. That's...all we did. We didn't "play" with them or anything. Kids are weird.

    6. Kylee's blog is the tops. :) And, my "word" is "pherwa," which made me think of Herma, and then think of Courtney Baber. Ha!

  13. Is that the same Kool-aid that gave you the suction cup ring around your mouth for like a month? I can still remember you getting that cup stuck on your face! too Funny!

  14. 1. I get the biggest kick out of deciphering vanity plates. Especially the cryptic ones. And I don't like to tell anyone else in the car what they are... so then they kind of feel like a secret code ;-)

    2. When I was in college, I gave my senior project presentation while in labor. The one professor on the panel who I'd never had for class wrote on my evaluation that I could have been more enthusiastic during my speech.

    3. My skin will burn in the blink of an eye. Well, maybe not that fast, but pretty close. At last count I have 11 bottles of sunscreen and 3 sunblock sticks scattered throughout the house and car. I was born to live on the north coast... or maybe Canada.

    4. If I ever had to stop drinking Diet Coke, I would cry for days. Ditto for Starbucks.

    5. While blind as a bat, I think my eyes are my favorite feature. All official paperwork lists them as being blue, but they're actually a deep gray with a ring of hazel around the iris.

  15. These are great! I played along on my blog too.

  16. Great idea, I listed mine on my blog. Love your little girl! I have 19 week old and a 21 month old girls, its a blast. Enjoy every joyful and exhausting moment!
    Also, my parents made my brother, sisters and I always put our drinks in the center of the table on the rare occassions we went out to eat. we could only take sips once our food came and we had to ask. refils weren't free back in the day!


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