Ferg Friday: Show and Tell

8/13/2009 11:04:00 PM
The Ferginator boasts a substantial collection of toys -- ALL of which she plays with on a daily basis. (We are floored by how often Ferg plays with her toys. We've never seen another dog like this.) At the end of the night, she averages about 10-12 bones/stuffed animals strewn throughout the entire house.

We keep her toys in the hallway in this little cubby space.

Here she is proudly standing next to her collection.

Please note the pride on my dog's face. She's smiling. It's like a dog's version of Cribs. "And here's where the magic happens - THIS is my collection! I have tennis balls, bones, chew sticks, a Winnie the Pooh, beanie babies and MORE!"

I love my Ferg.

Seriously, everyone needs a Ferg.


  1. she is the cutest dog....LOVE that her personality comes through in the photos!

  2. I think Ferg needs a bigger basket.

  3. I would watch that episode of Cribs: Cabo.

    BTW, my word verification is areuckho. "Are you chick, ho?" is what I made out of that...

  4. I love it!! She IS totally proud of her toy stash!

    I can hear her thinking.. "Yeah, I know I am awesome. Jealous?!"


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