That Ryan Seacrest has it all... except the name, "Dick Clark."

7/14/2009 01:00:00 AM
As far as I'm concerned, Dick Clark is the O.G.H. (The Original Gameshow Host.) I mean, from the 10,000 Pyramid, to American Bandstand and of course, Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve -- he's the man.

However, did you all see/read about Seacrest's newest contract deal?

First off - may I remind you that the enigma that is Ryan Seacrest is only 34 years old. (He seems so much older to me.)

He just signed a contract with American Idol that will run through 2012 for $45 million dollars.

Yes, you read that correctly: $45 million dollars for approximately 3 years worth of work.

That's $15 million a year.

Holy mackerel.

The distribution of wealth in the U.S. is really somethin'.

And, I find it (somewhat) encouraging that people are getting paid that much for talking. Perhaps I shouldn't have listened to all of my teachers throughout my school years and I would have a $45 million contract by now.

Who knew "excessive talkers*" could be so successful.

*Yep, I was a great student who moonlighted as an, "excessive talker" throughout all of my school years. Hee hee. Imagine that.


  1. kylee....I've told you before you missed your are a great communicator and make the most mondaine subject in your spare time (yeh right) shoot for the stars!!!!!

  2. Oh and I forgot ....and your only 30...and don't look a day over 19!!! So give him a run for his money!!!!!

  3. I'm sure that $45mil isn't all he rakes in either, considering he hosts like 15 other TV and radio shows. Bastard.

  4. i just fail to see why Seacrest is worth $45 million. i don't get his appeal. i mean, he's OK...but really nothing special. and he produces crap TV like "Kendra" on E! (haha).

    i'm just saying...what IS his talent?

  5. Is the distribution of wealth in America messed, not at all. People in Hollywood SHOULD be making millions of dollars for talking or being pretty while the rest of us work our asses off just to get by.

    I like Ryan S. just because he is someone who actually WORKS for his paychecks....many people out there don't. But really, no person should be making that kind of money especially while the rest of the world hurts as much as it does. What would you do with that much money anyways.

    Oh and so does this mean we will have to live with American Idol and Paula through 2012 - ugh.

  6. I was too...darn teachers!

  7. @ wrestling kitties: oh no! i didn't even factor in Paula on AI for 3 more years! say it isn't so!!!!!! haha

  8. I agree, he does work A LOT.

    He's on E!, he's on Idol, he has his radio show, that he's had for quite a while and produces other shows. You can't really fault him for cashing in on it. It's not like he's just showing up at a party or lending his name to a clothing line and saying that he's working. He is actually working.

    No he's not solving the world's problems through his work, but I would venture a guess that he donates portions of his money. He just seems like a charitable kind of guy.

    However, he will NEVER be Dick Clark.

  9. after reading the list of all the Seacrest jobs listed by Mickey D....

    ...i think he is the first human clone. i mean DOES he handle all those gigs and still manage to sleep and/or eat? if he hasn't cloned himself he must be a robot. ;)


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