Shoot, see now I actually require 212.

7/03/2009 09:16:00 AM
I hear the eldest Jonas (who I believe is 17. Shush. It's a joke.) proposed to his fiance with a ring featuring a mere 211 diamonds.

I'm not sure that's enough.

"Story" here.


  1. I was just on and A was over my shoulder. She asked me why the Jonas Brothers were on there and I proceed to explain that Kevin asked his girlfriend to marry him. I asked if she wanted to see the ring he gave her and she looked at it and said it was a perfect wedding ring. After staring a bit longer she says "Dad should have bought that for you". How funny the appreciation for diamonds is there at 5!!!

  2. Holy crap, Disney has been good to those boys it seems.

    Give me a ring like that and with as rough as I am with my rings I will have about 20 of those diamonds gone in a year.

  3. Good Lord! 212? That is depressing for so many reasons.


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