Not a difficult question

7/07/2009 02:04:00 PM
At this stage in the game, the question is: " Should I nap or blog?"

The answer is, "SLEEP."


Sweet dreams.
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  1. oh, that's just unacceptable! HA!

    Seriously, I miss your regular posts, but who in the world wouldn't understand? I know you'll be back eventually - you've got something far more important (and cute, and fun, and precious) to worry about!

    And I'm sure sleep is a precious commodity these days. You take it when you can!

  2. Sweet dreams, indeed! Enjoy them thought they be few and far between...
    (it won't last forever :) )

  3. Aw, thanks friends. :)

    Yay for sleep.

  4. No Brainer? eh? just do it (the sleep that is) :) Throw a pic of Lila and Ferg once in awhile and most of us will be happy!


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