MexMo: Only in Mexico

7/07/2009 09:10:00 PM

Sent to me by a friend in an email with the subject line, "Only in Mexico."
And yes, ONLY in Mexico.


  1. uh, i'm not really sure what to say.
    is this a really small house or a small part of a huge house? in my mind, it's the latter, but the horrified part of me tells me that it's a teeny house??

  2. um, wow.

    that is insane.

  3. Did they wrap their house in wrapping paper? Well, its unique, at the least.

  4. Does Mr. Louis Vuitton hisself live here? If not, this is unacceptable.

  5. I predict we will soon be have graphics-wrapped cars and houses. The new wave in showing personality through your stuff - ya know, like colored iPods and laptops that look like candy. Even pick-your-own shape for your Scion. This is an preview of the future... just watch.

  6. Trophy Life - I think it's just a small house.

    Sarah H - VERY interesting perspective. I think you have a point!


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